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Stonyfield Yogurt Coupons Giveaway Winner

The random.org number generator picked 2, so commenter #2, Jenn, you won! Please send me your address at fitinthemidwest@gmail.com so I can send you your coupons!


Jenn | November 29, 2010 at 2:48 pm | Reply | Edit I eat plain all natural Dannon yogurt, no flavor whatsoever, therefore no sugar or possibility of high fructose corn syrup. I buy the big containers and fill my own smaller containers that I wash, therefore, hopefully adding less waste to my footprint. I prefer to add my own homemade jam to it for flavor, and/or granola. I have never tried Greek yogurt, but have wondered about it. I find I really need to eat yogurt every day for my health. I am adding a link tomorrow on my random Tuesday posting. Check it out tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for entering!


Recap of Friday

I didn’t get to blog what I ate yesterday so here it is.

Breakfast is not pictured because I ate it at work. We had a free breakfast as part of the employee of the year award presentation. My co-worker who works in the cubicle next to me won! Anyway, that was probably the most full I have been from a breakfast in ages. I had fruit, cheesy potatoes, two sausages and then the catering person put a HUGE pile of quiche on my plate. I ate it all and I don’t know why. I guess I would have felt rude in front of my co-workers if I didn’t finish, which is silly.

As a result of such a big breakfast, I didn’t eat lunch until after 1 p.m. I did end up making the Brie, Apple and Arugula Quesadilla the night before and packed it up for lunch. It was good leftover, but better fresh. I had some Newman’s Own Organic graham cookies with it, but didn’t eat the Chobani pictured.


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