Recap of Friday

I didn’t get to blog what I ate yesterday so here it is.

Breakfast is not pictured because I ate it at work. We had a free breakfast as part of the employee of the year award presentation. My co-worker who works in the cubicle next to me won! Anyway, that was probably the most full I have been from a breakfast in ages. I had fruit, cheesy potatoes, two sausages and then the catering person put a HUGE pile of quiche on my plate. I ate it all and I don’t know why. I guess I would have felt rude in front of my co-workers if I didn’t finish, which is silly.

As a result of such a big breakfast, I didn’t eat lunch until after 1 p.m. I did end up making the Brie, Apple and Arugula Quesadilla the night before and packed it up for lunch. It was good leftover, but better fresh. I had some Newman’s Own Organic graham cookies with it, but didn’t eat the Chobani pictured.


I came home to find this guy sleeping in what we call his “baby basket.” They had this basket when they were kittens and Karma barely fits in here anymore.



I can’t leave out the also adorable Tanzi.


cat with scratching toy

Before I ate dinner, I met my sister-in-law at the YMCA. Since doesn’t work out, she wanted to “sample” the machines and try a little of everything. We biked for 10 minutes, did 10 minutes on the elliptical, I walked on the treadmill and rowed a little and we lifted a few weights. I know I am going to Body Pump this morning, so I didn’t want to really lift too many weights.

Dinner was a European baguette with mustard, Frank’s Red Hot, ham, arugla, herbed brie, and tomatoes. Very tasty!

ham & arugula on a baguette, Silk egg nog

I had some Silk Nog with dinner. I love egg nog, but don’t like how fattening it is. So, I tried Silk’s version. It was ok. I think the strong soy flavor isn’t my favorite. The after taste is always kind of icky. I am going to try this stuff in my coffee.

Silk Nog

Post dinner, I had a little Pumpkin Ice Cream while I read the Food section of the paper and started a book that came in at the library this week, Old World Murder. I used to work at the historic site where this fictional story takes place. It was kind of weird to read about a place where I worked.

Old World Murder, Food section, Pumpkin ice cream

Time to get my coffee ready and then pick a winner of the yogurt giveaway by using a random number generator site. Then I am braving the snowy roads and meeting my friend Angie for Body Pump at the Y.

Have a great Saturday!


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  1. The author of that book worked during the 80s and early 90s. I met her last year a couple of times. I think she must have been getting her bearings around the site again, maybe working on the book. She seems very nice. She was out signing books in October, will be signing books at the ethnic holiday dinner next weekend, and I heard she was on WPR last Wednesday or Thursday.

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