Sunday funday

Sunday is my excuse to be lazy. I sat on the couch off and on all morning and early afternoon.

Breakfast was a poached egg on an English muffin with Swiss cheese.

egg sandwich and Stonyfield

I had a Mango Honey Stonyfield yogurt too.

Egg sandwich and stonyfield

Stonyfield Organic Mango Honey yogurt

I liked this flavor a lot. Glad I hunted it down at Sendik’s.

Stonyfield Mango Honey yogurt

Lunch was leftovers from last night’s restaurant meal–Roasted Vegetable Crustada. I also had some roasted potatoes, which were leftovers from my friend’s meal, because she didn’t want to take those home with her.

Roasted Vegetable Crustada Cafe Manna

After I ended my laziness streak for the day, we had to head out in the cold to the Sears repair store by us. Our oven has not worked for two weeks. We talked to a very smart lady and she thought it was probably our ignitor that needs replacing. Argh. Craig decided to look at our oven’s ignitor to see what it looked like before we bought a new one, because it isn’t a cheap part. Craig is pulling apart the oven now and we had a close look at the ignitor, which does look like something is broken off of it. I have been itching to bake and make new recipes, but can’t do a thing until the oven is repaired!

Well, I better go put some laundry away and pick up around the house some more.

Tomorrow, Craig and I are both off of work because we have to take this adorable guy to the veterinary hospital in Madison. Cross your fingers it all works out ok. We are both pretty nervous, but know that we need the vets to determine what is actually wrong with him.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


2 responses to “Sunday funday

  1. Hope your kitty feels better and/or they find out what’s wrong.

    Another breakfast idea. In a hurry? Take an egg, take your glass measuring cup, spray with a little veggie oil, crack the egg in it, beat it up, add a little milk. Put in microwave for 20 secs, take out, stir, put in for 25 more seconds, take out and put on toast, English muffin, bagel, with or without cheese, ham, bacon, whatever.

  2. Your breakfast looks really good!! I’m a sucker for egg sandwiches 🙂


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