Day in Madison

Our day in Madison was a long one. We left the house around 9 and didn’t get back until 6:40. We spent much of the day waiting. We thought Karma would have a procedure done and be put under for a culture to be taken.


Instead, we returned and found that the x-rays they had done showed that he was too sick for this procedure. Karma’s lungs are not leaf shaped, they are rounded. His main problem is that he breathes in and out quite heavily. The vet thinks he may have pulmonary fibrosis or chronic bronchitis. Eventually, he will get to the point that he isn’t our funny little energetic kitty anymore and that is when the tough decisions will have to be made. Ok, enough sadness.


I had Apple Cinnamon cheerios with coffee for breakfast (had the same thing today too). I literally felt sick in the morning because I was more nervous than I wanted to admit. Eating even this small meal was difficult for me.


We left the hospital to get some lunch, even though I had packed a nice one for us. We went to a food court on campus, not knowing what food it would feature. We ended up going to Quizno’s. I ordered a Broccoli and Cheese soup and a turkey club bullet.



Craig and I both tried to relax, but all I could think about was Karma.

I looked outside at the construction of the Chazen Museum of Art.


Around at the food court…


We had to waste more time away from the hospital, so Craig looked up Trader Joe’s on his phone.


The trip there sort of took my mind off of Karma.

We passed by Camp Randall.




Craig loved this grocery cart. 😉


Before heading back into the hospital, we shared a Stonyfield smoothie.


That is when the bad news hit. I cried at the vet. I have probably cried/teared up about 10 separate times today. I had full confidence in what our vet was telling us and would recommend the UW Madison vet hospital to anyone.



The good news is that Karma is playful and funny as ever tonight. He is calming down now and sitting in the cat carrier.

Today–breakfast was Apple Cinnamon cheerios and coffee. Lunch was what I had packed for our trip yesterday. A ham and cheese sandwich with arugula, mustard and Frank’s Red hot sauce. I also had a Chobani blueberry yogurt and baby carrots. I didn’t take a picture because I forgot to bring my camera to work.

Dinner was a Trader Joe’s Chana Masala veggie burger (so good) on an Arnold’s Thin with arugula, a tomato and Swiss cheese.


Dessert was pumpkin ice cream with some Newman’s Own Organics creme filled chocolate cookies.


Then it was time to hit the gym. I did 15 minutes on the bike while reading Glamour magazine, 15 on the elliptical at a very quick speed and I lifted a full circuit of weights.

Ok, time to end this long post, go read some other blogs and relax before bed with a book.

Thanks for reading the Karma saga and for all of your support, thoughts and prayers. They mean more than you know.


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