Daily Archives: December 9, 2010

Eating carrots instead of chocolate…

On my lunch break today, I was eating baby carrots like they were chocolate. The crunching noise and feeling somehow helped me relieve my stress. The vet called me back this morning with more bad news. In the last few days, she wasn’t able to find anything medically that relates to Karma’s symptoms. Basically, there is no diagnosis and treatment for his condition. We will put him on steroids in two days, but she doesn’t have much hope that that treatment will do much for him. Of course, I got this news at work and I instantly wanted to run and hide. I called Craig with the bad news and that was equally as difficult as getting it from the doctor on the phone.

Breakfast was Apple Cinnamon cheerios and coffee with Silk Nog added. I am trying to use the stuff up before it expires.

apple cinnamon cheerios and coffee

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