Secret Santa and last Boot Camp

I didn’t take any photos of my meals today–breakfast was apple cinnamon cheerios and coffee. Lunch was a peach Chobani, a NuttZo and strawberry jelly sandwich, and two Newman’s Own Organics chocolate creme cookies.

Dinner was with my co-workers at a restaurant/bar for our Secret Santa exchange. I had a yummy grilled vegetable sandwich and a side salad (hate that you have to pay more to have a side salad instead of fries, but that’s what I did. Things like that make me think our country is so backwards about healthy eating). I also had a nice glass of Merlot. I promised myself a nice drink after working hard over the weekend. I ate half of my sandwich and saved the rest for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

My secret santa got me a foodie present–raw almonds, whole bean organic coffee, chocolate covered pretzels and Tension Tamer tea.


I had to leave the dinner early to make it to the last Boot Camp class of the rec dept. semester. It is my last one through the rec dept. actually. Now that I belong to the Y, I will try to attend their Monday night Boot Camp and see how I like it. That or I can try any other Monday night class too.

Boot Camp was good. It was tough, but not awful. I ate dinner too close to class though because by the time we were doing abs during cool down, I did not feel like staying for the abs class. I decided to come home, cuddle up with the kitty Karma for a bit and blog instead.

Craig had been fixing our oven for an hour. We finally got the part to fix our oven today–an ignitor! This means I can finally bake and cook again. 🙂 Here are some pics from that project.


Poor Craig–almost every household project involves more time and effort than he originally thinks will go into it. I guess that is what happens with an older house where the previous owner didn’t always fix things the right way. This time, it was because of a screw that probably got warped over time from all of the heat.


Let there be gas!


We went to a Sears store to see what part we needed, but saved about $45 by ordering the ignitor online. We did have to wait for it to be shipped, which took longer than we thought, but I guess it was worth it!

It’s getting late and time for me to sign off! Night!


One response to “Secret Santa and last Boot Camp

  1. I hate that about restaurants! I order a side salad with something and instead of just subbing that for the fries, they always charge more. Ridiculous!


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