Goodbye Garfield

On my way home from work tonight, I called my dad and he told me to call him back when I got home. I said, “did something bad happen?” and he said, “just call me when you get home.” I replied back, “is it Garfield, did he die?” And my dad said yes. I knew his time was coming soon, as with my other bird, I took one look at Garfield at Thanksgiving and knew he was at the end of his life.

Garfield is the last of my childhood birds that was left. He lived with my parents, but I truly enjoyed visiting with him when I went to their house. He died this afternoon and will be missed. I grew up with cockatiel birds, 5 of them in fact over time. I had Garfield since I was 9 or 10. He was originally called Felix and I loved Garfield the cat, so I named him another cat cartoon name. Rest in peace little birdie, I’ll miss your chirping, tough guy bites, enthusiasm for fresh bread, love of baths in the bathroom sink, pretty pretty bird songs and you looking at yourself in the mirror or lamp base.

Garfield RIP December 14, 2010


Garfield RIP December 14, 2010

It was a weird day. I saw family members of my ex-fiance at my workplace and had to run away and hide twice. They may or may not have seen me. I work in a public place, so it’s expected I will run into people like that from time to time. Until today, I hadn’t seen a single person that I knew through my ex. It’s been 8 years. I am just thankful I made the decision I did back then to call of my wedding and have such a wonderful, caring husband now.

Breakfast was instant oatmeal with sliced almonds and chia seeds.

Oatmeal with almonds and chia seeds

Oatmeal with almonds and chia seeds

Snack was raw almonds and a strawberry fruit strip. I also had a big cup of Green Tea Kombucha tea.

raw almonds and a strawberry fruit strip

Lunch was the leftovers from my dinner yesterday–the other half of my grilled veggie sandwich, a strawberry Chobani yogurt and a chocolate cookie.

cookie, grilled veggie sandwich, strawberry chobani

During my lunch break, I drove to Whole Foods to pick up some ingredients for dough balls. With the oven being fixed, I had the urge to bake! I got a few other items too. I really love Whole Foods for the cleanliness of the store, the customer service and the great selection. Prices are high on some things but I know prices well in my head and they are honestly about the same as other stores for some items too.

I had to force myself to eat dinner. I really felt that sick after hearing news about “Garfie.” As you can tell from my debbie downer post, I don’t deal well with death. Who does?

I had the only thing I could fathom making that didn’t take long to prepare. A pinto bean burrito.


I made dough balls after work. I have decided that an electric hand mixer does not do as good of a job as a Kitchen Aid mixer. Seriously, I had quite the mess on my hands! If I had a bigger kitchen, I would go out and buy myself a Kitchen Aid for Christmas.

Dough ball dough

The dough balls turned out ok. They are crumbly, so I didn’t take a picture. You can look at Peas and Thank You instead. Until tonight, I had never made a vegan baked good, but I see how difficult it is to get things to bind together without using eggs. Anyone have tips? Maybe it was my mixer? I even added more peanut butter to see if that would help and it didn’t seem to.

Check out the beautiful Christmas tree skirt my mom made. It is plain, like I requested it to be, I just wanted something simple. It fits our little table that the mini Christmas tree is on top of perfectly. I just made a newspaper pattern for the size and opening around the base and my mom helped make sure it worked for her as a quilter/sewer.

rectangle tree skirt for table

Time to rest and hope tomorrow isn’t quite so sad.


One response to “Goodbye Garfield

  1. It’s hard to lose a childhood buddy. Take it easy. Do some exercise to get rid of the stress. The other day, I made myself a pinto bean burrito, but I was lacking a goodly amount of other tasty things to add. Also bought a Frank’s hot sauce as the Tabasco ran out, so thought I’d try Frank’s since you mention it.

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