Body pump & b-day party

We got home late last night, so I didn’t blog about yesterday’s events.

Here is a recap of my Saturday:

Had some breakfast before the gym. Coffee, toast with NuttZo, Oikos plain greek yogurt with sliced almonds and honey.


I met Angie at the Y for Body Pump at 9:15. It was a challenging class. I can tell by the soreness in my right thigh I am experiencing today!

When I got home, I recovered with a berry smoothie with Soy Protein Powder (flavorless, just how I like my protein powder) from Whole Foods.


I also had some Cheerios Banana Nut cereal because Craig tried it for breakfast and had raved about it.

Cheerios Banana Nut cereal

I felt tired after my shower, so I rested with the kitties in bed. Sometimes they just get so comfortable and rest on me in such adorable ways that I want to cuddle up and rest too.

I ate a late lunch of a Veggie Masala burger topped with a bit of shredded Mozzarella cheese, edamame and an Oikos Chocolate yogurt. Craig tried the chocolate flavor for lunch the other day and didn’t love it. I thought it tasted like all other chocolate flavored yogurt I have had before. It was good, but not my favorite flavor. I think I liked caramel better. I haven’t tried the honey yet.



I went to TJ Maxx and the grocery store, both of which were crazy busy, but sometimes I find lines move faster around the holidays because there are more cashiers.

Then it was time for a snack of a clementine, of which I had just picked up a bag of at the store.


I ate clementines almost every day when I lived in Switzerland. Most of my European classmates did the same thing and that is probably when I first thought about people eating seasonally. My classmates caught onto that, but I hadn’t really done that until I lived in Europe.

Craig had just returned home from seeing Tron and was being silly, sporting his 3D glasses while eating a yogurt. He liked the movie, despite what reviews are saying about it. And he commented that the computer references were correct, where they commonly are not in movies.

Craig with 3D glasses after Tron

After, it was off to my nephew/godson’s 5th birthday party. His birthday is Wednesday, but we always have to celebrate the weekend before Christmas. He had a blast. We had fun watching him make funny faces and be his funny self while opening presents and eating cake.



Some of my favorite quotes of the night include:

  • “I farted on you Aunt Lisa” (as he sat on my lap playing his new Leapster). Lovely.
  • IMG_0028

  • “I don’t eat that part of the pizza, I don’t like the ketchup” as he left the crust and tomato sauce on his plate (but just inhaled greasy cheese with tomato sauce before that, not realizing he was eating tomato sauce all along).
  • “You forgot my present” as we walked in with a gigantic hoops and yo yo card that had a check inside instead of a present wrapped up for him to open.


I naturally misspoke and was making fun of Snuggies, not knowing that Owen was about to receive one for his b-day. He loves zebras, so this one was perfect for him.


Apparently, my brother liked it too.


The cake and Kopps custard hit the spot.


I had a scoop of chocolate custard with my cake and then had a couple of small scoops of vanilla too. Love Kopps!


Ok, onto a post about today. I am always behind on posts on the weekend because I cram so much into them and want to relax a little too.


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