Movie day

I go to movies in the theater about 3 times a year. I have to really want to see a movie in order to pay about $10 to see it in the theater. Otherwise, I checkout DVDs from the library. This year, I have seen Avatar, Inception and Eat Pray Love in the the theater. I have seen some movies on the big screen for free. For some reason, all I can remember seeing for free is The Social Network.

Today is a treat because I am meeting two of my friends to see Black Swan this afternoon. I heard it was good and I expect it to be “dark” as I have read in some of the reviews.

I got to sleep in a little this morning. Surprisingly, the cats were not whining at the baby gates for us to feed them. Neither seemed to have an appetite after I removed the gates either. This worries me a little bit because I keep thinking that once Karma loses his appetite, the rest is downhill for his health. I hope this isn’t the case.

I was hungry this morning and had coffee, Kashi’s Go Lean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble and a clementine. The cereal was just ok. I received a little sample in the mail through Vocalpoint and some nice coupons, so I bought a big box at the store yesterday before I even tried it.


One of my favorite TV shows, CBS Sunday Morning, had my favorite actor on it today: Matt Damon! I have loved Matt Damon since Good Will Hunting. He’s so down to earth (and not bad to look at either).



It’s almost noon, so time to shower and figure out what to eat for lunch.
My tummy is grumbling again.

I haven’t decided if my sore body means I should take a rest day from the gym or not. I kind of want to go swimming, but we’ll see how I feel after the movie.


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