Happy first day of winter!

For this first day of winter, we appropriately got hit with icy, snowy roads to drive on. I had to haul a 50 lb. bag of salt into trunk of my car to weigh it down before heading to work.

On the radio this morning, one of my favorite morning shows was talking to former Olympic sprinter and gold medalist Carl Lewis, who now runs a website called “Fit Forever.” http://fitforever.com/ I haven’t been able to check it out in detail yet, but I like his mission of “helping people around the world energize their lives.”

It will be a pictureless (I originally wrote wordless, oops, I was so tired when I finished this post) Tuesday because I fell asleep on the couch tonight. I have been so tired the last two nights. Usually that means I am fighting an illness, but maybe it is the winter blues.

Breakfast today was Kashi Go Crisp! cereal, which I still just find kind of bland.

At work, I snacked on some dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses given to me by a co-worker and some raw almonds.

Lunch was Amy’s vegetable pot pie, a blueberry Chobani yogurt and a clementine.

And for dinner, we went to Qdoba and I ate more than half of a vegetarian burrito. The rest is for lunch tomorrow!

Time for bed, even though I fell asleep on the couch for a good portion of the night! Hopefully I will be able to sleep!


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