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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We have so far! Two of our three celebrations are over now so I’ll recap the last two days.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to my in-law’s house for my mother-in-law’s side of the family celebration.

Lighting and timing wasn’t right for taking photos of my meal. I’ll share these lovely sugar cookies Craig’s cousin makes every year.


These are Craig and his sister’s stockings. His sister is also named Lisa, so things always get a little confusing when we’re both together for the holidays.


My sister-in-law, Lisa, and Craig’s cousin opening gifts.


My husband and I on Christmas eve. Craig was so proud of his Christmas Story shirt.


Too bad we didn’t get to watch the movie this year. We were hoping it would be on TV tonight, but no such luck!



After eating and celebrating, we went to the candlelight mass. I was so tired by the time church ended! Christmas is exhausting.

We slept in until 8 a.m. this Christmas morning and there were no kitties pawing at our door. I wondered why they were both innocently sleeping and not begging for food an hour past their feeding time. Turns out, they opened some cat food we got from my in-laws last night and had a little Christmas morning feast! That or Santa helped them drag the bag out and open it up this morning. 😉

I made a lovely breakfast of whole wheat pancakes with soy protein powder for Craig and I. Since it was Christmas and all, I added chocolate chips to mine!

Christmas morning pancakes

This morning, I opened two presents from Craig. I got GAIAM Yoga Socks! I really wanted these because my yoga room at the Y is always chilly and I the grippy things on the bottom should help me be a little more steady on my feet.

Yoga Socks by GAIAM

Craig and I didn’t exchange large gift items this year (he bought himself a large item on Black Friday), so I thought that was what he got me until he told me to get one more gift for me under the couch.

It was the EA Sports Active 2 Personal Trainer!

EA Sports Active 2 Personal Trainer

I tried it out right away!

EA Sports Active 2-Personal Trainer

Even though I go to the YMCA very regularly now, I do like to use the EA Sports Active on the Wii once in a while. I may just be doing that more with this lovely present motivating me.

I really liked the improvements they made from the first EA Active. The leg strap with this set is much more secure on my leg and the heart rate monitor is a cool feature. I love seeing my heart rate at the gym and monitoring it while I am on machines, so this is pretty cool to see how certain exercises increase my heart rate. There are new activities and I was looking forward to trying those out. They didn’t disappoint.

The only thing that confused me was when they said I would be doing “skipping” next and it turned out to be jumping rope virtually. I think that EA is a Canadian company, because things like “about” are said “aboout” and then I guess jumping rope may be called skipping in Canada or elsewhere?

"skipping" or jumping rope in EA Sports Active 2

Mountain biking was fun and there’s no chance for clumsy me to injure myself!


Besides these two fitness appropriate gifts, I also bought myself the Jonathan Adler Starbucks mug for Xmas and got a Bell bag to attach to the front of my bike so I can stash my cell phone, camera, sunscreen, wallet, etc. on our bike rides. Craig and I decided that we didn’t “need” a lot of items this year and instead of spending a lot on each other, we’d donate some money to the Wisconsin Humane Society for some needy animals. This is very appropriate after I lost my childhood pet bird last week and after our cat Karma was diagnosed with an incurable problem with his lungs. We love animals and that is the perfect place to donate to this year. I think we are going to make donating to a needy non-profit an annual Christmas tradition.

After playing with our presents, we went to my in-laws again for a lunch of leftovers and his 93 year old Grandma came to the house from the nursing home.


I took a picture of my dessert-Baker’s Square Peppermint patty pie (holy yum), an eclair and another puff filled treat.

dessert on Christmas day

Here are some photos from Christmas day:







Couldn’t resist sharing how cute my husband and his sister are in this photo:


Tomorrow, we’re off to my mom and dad’s to celebrate!

To my readers–enjoy the rest of your Christmas celebrations with family and friends and thank you for reading and supporting my site.