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Christmas donation

I mentioned this the other day in a post, but we probably will donate money to a needy non-profit every holiday season and cut back on giving material items to each other.

We donated money to our state humane society to sponsor a random cat. Today, I saw the posting of the cat we donated money to. It is appropriately named “Kitty.” We call our cats the kitties all the time, even though they are 4.5 years old. It was a perfect match for us! She looks kind of scrappy and in need.

Here is Kitty and our donation message.

It felt so good to give to someone else this holiday season.

Do you donate to any organizations during the holidays?


Last family Christmas celebration

I was off of work today and wanted to go to Target, Kohl’s, etc. to see what Christmas stuff was leftover in the stores. Unfortunately, I woke up sick with what I think was the flu. I slept most of the day away and struggled with a horrible headache that usually comes on when I don’t have coffee. I am starting to feel better now, but not 100% because I didn’t eat much all day. It just sucks that I caught something over the weekend and then it hit on my one totally free day where we didn’t have to go to someone’s house to celebrate the holidays.

We had the last of our Christmas celebrations with my family yesterday. Per usual, my parents’ house was full of people and this didn’t even include three of my siblings in the mix (I am the youngest of seven kids).

Food I ate before going to my parents’:

Breakfast was a blueberry Chobani yogurt, a piece of a Danish kringle, and coffee.

Breakfast on 12-26

I went to the gym in the late morning and did 35 minutes on the elliptical, 15 on the bike and lifted a few weights.

Shredded cheese in a whole wheat tortilla and a clementine for lunch. I originally put pinto beans in this, but I think they were bad because they tasted awful. Maybe this is where I got sick from, but that was such a tiny bite.

Lunch on 12-26

At my parents’ house, Craig and I opened our gift from my parents right away. I opened one bag that had Bath and Body Works soap, an Axe shower gel for Craig, Penzey’s baking spices and a holiday towel with “P” on it for our last name.

P towel and Penzey's baking spices

Penzey's Baking spices

I thought that was a great gift and then my mom plopped a very heavy and large package on my lap. I figured out what it was before I unwrapped it and was elated!

We got a Kitchen Aid Classic Plus mixer! Now that I bake more, I really needed one of these and my mom felt sorry for my recent experience of using a very old hand mixer in a non-mixing bowl and how my cookie dough flew all over and didn’t mix well (when I made the peanut butter dough balls). My mom ended up getting an excellent deal on it at Kohl’s and couldn’t pass up the chance to get this excellent present for us for Christmas.

us with our new Kitchen Aid Classic Plus mixer

Craig and I joked that I’d be using the present and he’d be eating the product of it since he doesn’t bake.

Kitchen Aid Classic Plus Mixer

My parents opened up their presents from us. Wine and pistachios for my dad.

dad with wine and pistachios

The Jonathan Adler Starbucks cup for my mom. It coincidentally matched her shirt yesterday!

mom with Jonathan Adler Starbucks cup

And we got them a gift card to the movie theater. With the senior citizen discount, that should last them most of the year!

As Craig said, I did my “Nancy Drew” thing and took photos of and looked at ancestral documents/photos. Since I am getting so into genealogy lately, I need to keep getting as much info compiled so I can add to what I have.

My great grandma’s birth certificate, in German.

my great grandma's birth certificate

A photograph of her husband, Henry. He was a part time policeman, hence the uniform.

my great grandfather Henry

My parents with my older brothers and sisters in the 1960’s.

my family in the 1960's

We used to play Trivial Pursuit every Christmas and then that sort of faded away. That tradition was brought back yesterday. For once, I didn’t play. 😦

Trivial Pursuit playing at Christmas

Phew and Christmas is all over!