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Wine and dark chocolate=the best medicine

I am finally feeling a little better. The afternoon of rest and relaxation is certainly what I needed.

Craig and I had a nice dinner together and I had spent my evening reading the newspaper (I’m always behind on reading the Sunday newspaper, except for the ads, of course).

I picked up this Dubliner cheese at Aldi and it is really good. I have had it before, but not for a couple of years. The price was probably half of what it costs at other stores.

Dubliner cheese

I had snacked on a few slices of the Dubliner cheese and then decided to include it in my random dinner creation.

I added slices of cheese to toasted Arnold’s Thins and topped one of the slices with Trader Joe’s Bruschetta.

arnold's thin, bruschetta, dubliner cheese, veggies

I also had some broccoli and baby carrots on the side to get more veggies in my diet. I enjoyed another small glass of the Bolthouse Farm Berry Boost smoothie (also available at Aldi’s currently).

Later in the evening, I felt like having some wine. I paired it with some Newman’s Own Organics Dark Chocolate. I only had about three small squares because the flavor hit the spot perfectly and I didn’t have any more cravings for something sweet. Maybe this combination could be the medicine that cures me of feeling sick anymore this week. 😉

Newman's Own Organics Dark Chocolate, red wine

2011 is fast approaching and so many other bloggers are putting their goals or resolutions out there. I would like to come up with some to hold myself accountable. I already have a few in mind and probably will blog them on Friday. If you have any big goals for 2011, please share them to inspire me and other readers!

I like what Paige at Running Around Normal did with her 2011 goals. I especially liked how she reflected on her 2010 goals and whether or not she achieved them–this is the best way to be accountable for your actions if you are going to put your goals out there in the blogosphere. Like Paige did, breaking some of the goals into certain parts of the year always seems to work for me. Then there are other goals or resolutions that you just try to achieve throughout the year. I am excited to write down some goals and work towards an even healthier 2011.

Well, it’s getting late and this girl definitely needs sleep so I can make it into work and have energy for tomorrow.


Still sick

I woke up this morning after tossing and turning all night and decided to shower and attempt to go to work. My instinct in the morning was correct–I still felt very weak and tired and thought that I should call in sick. But, I tried to tough it out and went into work anyway.

Breakfast was the rest of the Banana Nut Cheerios. One of my goals for 2011 is to eat more fruit and protein for breakfast and not so many of these sugary cereals. Cheerios Banana Nut and coffee We had some major cleaning and reorganization to do at work and it was in a room that is humid and smelly. I can’t explain why it’s humid, otherwise that will giveaway where I work, but it’s really unbearable to be in that environment. I tried to balance being at my desk and in that room and even then, I felt so tired and weak.

I ate a Danish Kringle from Racine, trying to see if that would perk me up a bit. I also had some raw almonds.

danish kringle from Racine

Alas, around 11:15, I decided I couldn’t take being so out of it at work. I never function well after a day like yesterday of nausea, sleepiness and a bad headache. I told my boss I was heading home sick and hit the road. I stopped by Subway on my way home for a footlong ham and cheese with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, black olives, and tried something new–their buffalo sauce. Not impressed. I’ll stick to Frank’s Red hot from now on.

subway sandwich I was so hungry that I ate 6 inches, let my stomach rest a bit and then ate half of the other 6 inch. Geez, my body sure needed food badly! After lunch, I sat in the glorious sunshine shining in our living room and relaxed a little. I had some of this Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost smoothie. That hit the spot!Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost

And I had a Moser Roth English Toffee chocolate bar.

Moser Roth English Toffee Milk Chocolate

I also enjoyed two Raspberry kisses. My mom makes these for Christmas every year and my siblings and I love them but the in-laws “just don’t get it” as one of them said on Sunday at our Christmas celebration.

raspberry kiss

When I laid down on our couch, two little kitties joined me and held me hostage. I fell asleep with them in the sunshine. Karma always sleeps by my belly.

Karma sleeping

Karma sleeping with his teeth out.

cat and tooth hanging out

Tanzi cuddles up where my legs curve.


I didn’t want to sleep all afternoon because then I struggle with sleeping at
night, so a little nap with the cats was perfect. I hope I wake up tomorrow feeling much better than today! It’s no fun being sick.