2011 Goals

I’m going to keep them short and sweet:

  • Read more books (maybe buy a Kindle to help with this goal?).
  • Meal plan. Use my cookbooks to be more creative.
  • Bake more. Use my new toy, the Kitchen Aid mixer!
  • Be more calm & positive at work.
  • Take a photography class. I love photography, but want to learn how to do more with our Canon DSLR Rebel XS. I want Craig to join me so he knows how to use the camera when we are on vacation, etc.
  • Do yoga more often. Aim for 2 times per week. I find that yoga is so good for my body and for dealing with stress.
  • Train and run a 10K: Summerfest 10K on July 10, 2011. In the past, I have completed two half marathons and a couple of 5k’s, an 8 mile race in California, but never a 10K. I have a love/hate relationship with running. Hurdling in high school left me with bad knees. Let’s hope if I train properly, I can do this 6 mile run and accomplish my goal!
  • Attend a blog conference. I want to go to the Healthy Living Summit in 2011, no matter where it is.

5 responses to “2011 Goals

  1. I’d love to run the Summerfest 10K with you!! I should be
    in shape to do 6 miles by then – since I will be preparing for the
    marathon in October! 🙂

  2. Great goals! I always plan to read more books. It’s just
    something that can’t be replaced!

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