Conquering tofu

I conquered my fear of making tofu! I like tofu and have had it several times in restaurants. I just had a fear of pressing the water out of it properly and cooking it. With the help of Emily from The Daily Garnish, I was able to easily follow her directions and make my own yummy tofu for lunch. She has a How To: A Tofu Tutorial posted on her blog, but I was having trouble posting the exact link, so you can search her site if you are interested in her detailed instructions.

tofu block

tofu blocks

Pressing the tofu with heavy books.

pressing tofu


I spiced it up with Penzey’s black pepper, Mural of Flavor and Old World seasonings.

cooked tofu

I paired it with Green Giant valley fresh steamers veggies.

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

tofu & veggies

Dessert was a chocolate chip cookie, naturally.

chocolate chip cookie

Breakfast today was greek yogurt with chia seeds, honey and almonds.

yogurt with chia seeds, honey, almonds; coffee

Angie and I had fun at the gym this morning. We did 23 minutes on the elliptical & a full circuit of weights.

When I got home from the gym, I was hungry! I snacked on a few (well maybe it was more than a few) of these addictive “Food Should Taste Good” Sweet Potato tortilla chips. Through a Facebook promotion, I was able to get a coupon for a free bag via snail mail.

food should taste good sweet potato chips

sweet potato food should taste good chips

sweet potato chips

I ran a bunch of errands in the afternoon, but accomplished a lot, so that felt good. One of my biggest accomplishments was picking up three framed pictures from Target to put above our couch. Craig and I have been searching for something to replace a very 1970’s brown picture with (I detest this picture, as it’s just depressing in appearance and so 70’s). I saw these pictures at Target yesterday and took photos of them to show Craig. At last, we both agreed on a style of a picture we liked!



I brought them home and my sister-in-law was over at our house. She took one look at them and said they were very much our style. They kind of have an Indian style to them and we love all things India.

I also picked up a lot around the house, organized, etc. because that is one of my goals for the new year. I am generally a very clean person, but organization is sometimes a problem for me.

Time to work on writing my goals out a little more. I am taking my time, as I figure they didn’t need to be posted today and could wait until later this weekend.

Tomorrow, I am going to do my usual Sunday paper and CBS Sunday Morning thing, then go to Body Pump with Angie for the new release! Can’t wait to see what the new music is!


2 responses to “Conquering tofu

  1. I just finished my bag of Sweet Potato chips from them (also got through that promotion), I’m sad now that it’s gone.

    I just bought some tofu and need to figure out what to do with it, I havent made it in so long!

  2. We have so much in common! I loved that flavor. I had to tell myself to put them away, otherwise I would have munched on the whole bag in one sitting.

    Ooh, I look forward to seeing what you do with the tofu. I think I will have a new addiction and it’s going to show up on my blog more often.

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