Happy 2011!

Good morning and happy first day of 2011! I still have to list my goals for the year. I have a draft started, but need to sit down and complete it later today.

Here is the recap of New Year’s eve afternoon/evening.

I got home from Target yesterday afternoon and enjoyed some Breyer’s heath bar ice cream.

heath ice cream

We headed out to dinner and faced what we figured–a long wait at the restaurant we originally planned to go to. After running an errand to Kohl’s that took a lot longer than we thought, we were starving. We just decided to go to Noodles & Co. in the end, because it was around 7 p.m. and we needed to eat. I never really eat at Noodles, but the dish I had was good. It was the Indonesian Peanut Saute.

indonesian peanut saute

I cleaned my plate and was left with a very spicy mouth!

clean plate at Noodles & Co.

I had even added a tiny bit of Sriracha to try it out.


Craig had the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. I tried a little and it was good.

Wisconsin mac and cheese Noodles & co.

craig clean plate

We headed home after dinner and because it was so warm out, Craig suggested we take a walk.

Look at this well lit house in our neighborhood!

christmas lights

new years eve walk

Once home, I decided to get the Kitchen Aid out of the box, wash the parts and bake chocolate chip cookies!

Kitchen aid classic plus mixer

Kitchen Aid accessories

Loved using the Kitchen Aid for the first time! The dough ended up so well mixed.

cookie dough


Kitchen Aid and cookie dough

baking with kitchen aid mixer

chocolate chip cookies

Cookies and milk, the perfect New Years Eve snack.

cookies and milk

The cookies turned out so good. I think they are the best I have ever made.

My alcoholic beverage of choice was Crispin natural hard cider from Whole Foods.

Crispin natural hard apple cider

I liked the flavor a lot. The honey was more apparent as an after taste.

As you can see, we like to celebrate our New Years eve in a more low key way. Did you do anything special to celebrate the evening?

Time to get going to the gym! I am meeting Angie there for some time with the weights and cardio machines.

Have a good Saturday!


2 responses to “Happy 2011!

  1. Happy 2011 šŸ™‚
    We also had a low key night, I’m long past the nights of partying NYE away!!!


  2. I’m all about the low key NYE, I went to a friends house
    last night and drank, ate and watched tv, it was great. Anytime I
    go to those noodle places I always get pad thai. I want to try
    something different but just can’t do it!

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