Shaking it

I shook my butt this morning in Zumba class. It was a morning class and I normally go in the evening with a different teacher, so I had to follow everyone’s moves and try to keep up. I did pretty good. It helped that we had a mirror to face in this class. It was kind of nice to see what a different teacher’s class was like.

Before Zumba, I hit the weight machines and after Zumba, I finished my weight circuit and biked for 15 minutes.

Breakfast this morning was exactly what I had yesterday:

breakfast on 1-12-11

Babysitting my nephews last night was fun. They have tons of energy. I calmed one of them down by reading a book to him and making him laugh with my funny voices and animations.

Here is Nathan with the picture he made for his daddy’s 40th birthday:


And the other nephew, Owen:


Me with Owen (push pop in his hand=lots of energy from sugar)

Owen and I

Before my brother and sister-in-law came home from the restaurant, we lit the candles on the cake and yelled surprise when they walked in. This was more for the sake of my nephews than my brother, as he knew we were going to do that!

birthday cake

Gotta go get ready for work! I am working 12-9 p.m. because of an event we have and will do the same thing all over again tomorrow. It is kind of nice to be off in the morning, but always feels so rushed.

Have a fabulous Wednesday readers! 🙂


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