Bodyvive class

This morning, I went to a class I had never been to before at the Y –Bodyvive. It was a lot of fun and challenging at certain parts. The teacher was good and it seemed like most of us newbies were following along just fine.

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We did cardio/squats for about a half hour, using the soft ball at times and nothing at others. As the teacher said, some of the moves really make you think about using the ball, where to place your legs, etc. so the class was also challenging for my brain, not just my body! Then we used the resistance band for some leg moves, did abs, back and cool down. My hips were burning on the leg moves with the resistance band!

If you are interested in Bodyvive and want to learn more, click here for info on the Les Mills site. I intended to look on there before I went to class, but didn’t have time. I kind of liked going into the class not knowing what to expect though! Sometimes I have to let go of that instinct to be a planner and just go with the flow.

I’m limited on my time this morning, so that is all from me today. Off to work another evening shift.


3 responses to “Bodyvive class

  1. This class looks interesting–thanks for sharing and providing more info on it. I love something that works my bod but if it works my brain as well, that’s an excellent bonus! I will have to see if my Y had this.

  2. Im always looking to switch up my workouts with new
    interesting things. THIS IS COOL! thanks for the info 🙂

  3. Sounds fun! Man, I really need a gym membership just so I
    can take the classes! There is a Turbo Jam DVD called Lower Body
    Jam, it’s 35 minutes and does lower body work with a resistance
    band…OMG my butt and thighs are shaking before I’m done with it!!

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