Feeling lucky

I guess it has been my lucky week! I just logged onto WordPress to write this post and saw that I had a lot of referrals from Clean Eating Chelsey. Some of them said winner in the link and I clicked over to discover that out of 200 people, I won her blog giveaway for Jessica’s Natural Granola! I am super excited to try it!! I’ll definitely post reviews of all of the yummy flavors I get to taste. Love that Jessica’s is a Midwestern company based out of Michigan!

image source

Yesterday, I went into work late in the afternoon and logged onto my work computer to find one lonely e-mail in my inbox (believe me, this is rare and this occurred because I had checked e-mails from home before going in, so I cleared a bunch out). The subject said that I won a book from a blog giveaway. It is a blog that is specific to my field and the author of the book writes the blog…she’s one of those people that is doing great things in my field, so I am excited to learn more through reading her book!

So, I guess a super busy week that flew by and seemed exhausting at times ended up being really lucky for me. πŸ™‚

After working the last two evenings in a row and then babysitting on Tuesday, it feels so good to be home, sitting in my sweats and blogging from the couch.

This morning, I woke up pretty tired after about only 7 hours of sleep last night. Breakfast today was cereal and much needed coffee.

coffee and cereal

At work, I had another cup of coffee, half of a granola bar and a delicious brownie that someone brought in for us to munch on during our event.

Since I worked part of the day on Sunday & additional hours during the evening events, I was able to leave work at 12:30 today and that was so nice! I wish I could do that every Friday. πŸ™‚

I ate lunch at home–a Boca cheeseburger on an Arnold’s Thin with pepper jack cheese, tomato, chipolte mayo and a bit of Frank’s Red Hot.

I also had some Stonyfield Blueberry yogurt with fresh blueberries on the side. I am trying to use up the blueberries before they go bad!

blueberry yogurt with blueberries, boca burger

Dessert was one of the chocolate chip cookies I made earlier this week.

me with chocolate chip cookie

After washing some dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, and a brief nap with the cats piled on top of me, it was off to Kohl’s to use this bad boy:

Kohl's coupon

Alas, I wasn’t lucky finding anything there. It always seems to be that way when I have the 30% off! I was hoping to find some cute shirts to wear on our upcoming trip to Florida. Oh well.

I got some fresh veggies and fruits from the grocery store, headed back home and made white cheese and noodles for dinner.

Ate it with a side of lots of veggies because my body needed them today.

veggies and white cheesy noodles

Oh and I picked up some raspberry Kefir at the store to make my tummy happy.

Kefir raspberry

Time to turn on the Wii and do some EA Active 2. I figured I have neglected it lately and have been to the Y so much in the last two weeks. After that, it’s time to catch up with blogs in my google reader because I am behind on reading them. And finally, since I am a nerd and a homebody on the weekend, I’ll read more of my Stieg Larsson book. It’s getting good! Just a nice chill Friday night here.

Have a wonderful Friday evening and a great weekend.


9 responses to “Feeling lucky

  1. food looks good. I’ve never tried kefir… what exactly
    does it taste like?

  2. oh my gosh your white pasta looks so good!! i love me some creamy goodness!

  3. Golly, I had the same Kohl’s coupon and wanted a food
    processor. But I was not about to spend $278 on it (plus the coupon
    deduction). I had no idea they were so expensive! I’ll settle for
    using my mini one for now!

  4. Congrats on winning the giveaway! I had one of the 30% offs
    too! Used it on pillows – bakeware is another fave at Khol’s

    • Thanks Paige. I love trying new foods through giveaways!

      That is funny you and another reader, Karis, also got 30% off. Like she said, it seems like everyone got it this time around. I was looking around the bakeware dept. too, but decided I didn’t “need” anything. Glad you found a few items.

  5. It seem everyone got the 30% this time around πŸ™‚ I too was
    poking around Kohl’s this weekend since I can’t pass up 30% plus my
    employee discount!!

    • Yeah, I heard others in the store saying they had 30% and I thought to myself, did everyone get it? I know my mom didn’t though. You are lucky you can use the store discount and then your employee one too! Did you find anything good?

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