Solutions for eczema

Every winter, I get a case of eczema on my middle finger of my right hand. Yes, my middle finger, cue the giggles. I also seem to get irritation on my neck, chest, and left ear. I have tried the steriod cream from my dermatologist and it just is so greasy feeling and doesn’t really seem to solve my problem all that well, even with consistent applications.

I wrote Weleda skincare back in December and asked if I could review one of their products. They recommended Skin Food and I have been trying it off and on for the last month or so. I put it on my neck, chest and hands before bed.

Here is the info from their website:

Dry, rough skin of any age gets indulgent moisture with this intensively nourishing, deeply hydrating cream. It’s a unique, ultra-rich whole-body cream that deeply hydrates, restores and protects your skin.

Stubborn dryness on your elbows, hands and feet are moisturized and conditioned with the essential fatty acids and vitamin E in our organic sunflower seed oil. Organic pansy is known for its mild antiseptic properties that calm dry irritation. Soothing rosemary leaf extract’s mild antiseptic properties and the anti-inflammatory properties of Biodynamic® and organic calendula flower extract gently nourish and care for your skin. Deeply moisturized and protected, your skin looks soft and supple with a healthy glow. It’s your recommended daily allowance of radiance, and it’s just what you and your skin are craving.

Weleda skin food

I love the scent of Skin Food. The cream is not incredibly thick and sinks into my skin nicely. I also love that the product is a natural one. I tend to think these work better for my skincare woes than something full of chemicals.

Weleda skin food

Besides the Skin Food, I have been using Dove Winter Care soap. I am a shower gel girl, but this bar of soap seems to also have helped my skin for the last two winters.

combating eczema

I would definitely recommend Weleda Skin Food for skincare issues like mine. I haven’t tried any of their other products, but have been wanting to for sometime now, so when I run out of others in my cabinet, I will most likely purchase some Weleda.

Do you have eczema? Any recommendations on other products you have tried that have worked well for you?


2 responses to “Solutions for eczema

  1. I would also recommend Dove Sensitive skin bodywash. I have less trouble with dry skin once I started using that wash. I pair it with Oil of Olay Quench Plus Age Defying body lotion with green tea. My dry skin winters have gone bye bye. 🙂

  2. I wonder if that would help with my extremely chapped right hand!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any other recommendations 😦 I just suffer through the dry winter months!

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