We need a vacation from our vacation

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are getting to the point in our trip where we need a vacation from our vacation. So much walking around and waiting in lines today wore me out. Who am I kidding, so much walking the last four days has worn me out. I have also been fighting a cold. Up until today, it wasn’t that bad and was concentrated in my throat. Now it’s in my sinuses and making me feel icky at times.

We got back from Universal Studios Islands of Adventure tonight and both crashed on the hotel beds. When we woke up, Craig said that we should take a rest day tomorrow and I instantly agreed. We still want to get to Kennedy Space Center and the main Universal Studios park, but those can wait until our last days here.

On this lovely Valentine’s day, I spent it with my sweetheart at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other areas of Islands of Adventure.



I’ll have to do a separate post when we get home from our trip and include details on the Wizarding World for those who are interested. Let’s just say that I never read the books and am not that into it, but I totally loved this area of the park and considered it the best. Since writing from the netbook has been sort of a pain (mostly due to Internet Explorer), I’ll keep this post short and share just a few photos. I’ll recap our Sunday adventures in a post from home too.

Food today was a huge breakfast. Cheese omelet, hash browns, strawberry banana yogurt and a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. I knew I needed the energy for walking around the park in the morning, so I ate more than I usually would for breakfast.


I had an apple while we waited in line for the wand shop.


Lunch was a Shepherd’s Pie with a side salad. It was really yummy.


I also enjoyed a Butterbeer. I loved it. It was foamy and sweet. Almost too sweet, but really tasty and had a butterscotch flavor.



The rest of the day were the usual theme part eats. After the free fall ride and another rough roller coaster, I wanted something to eat. We shared a sour apple frozen drink and a churro. Two hours later, we had pretzels with cheese and mustard.

Then when leaving the park, we had TCBY white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt. That flavor brings me back to getting frozen yogurt as a little girl with my mom. She loves that flavor, so when I told her we had it today, she was jealous! It was Craig’s first time trying it and he was pleasantly surprised at the different flavor.

TCBY white chocolate mousse

No fancy Valentine’s Day dinner for us tonight–we snacked our way through dinner and our lunch was a fun and unique experience.

Be back with more tomorrow from our rest day. It may have to involve another trip back to the Lululemon outlet. Hopefully we can also rest by the pool and just read or nap there.


One response to “We need a vacation from our vacation

  1. I hate when you get to that point in vacation where you need a vacation from vacation, it sucks.

    I want some Butterbeer! I’ve never heard of that before but you perked my interest….

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