Running out of blog titles title

Tonight is a good example of why morning workouts are probably superior to afternoon ones. I got home from work later than I wanted to, made myself dinner, sat on the couch, then laid down on the couch and eventually took a little nap that turned into an hour of sleep. No gym for me tonight, boo. I guess I will save all of my energy for tomorrow morning’s workout and work twice as hard then.

Breakfast today was plain old honey nut cheerios with skim milk and a coffee.

cheerios, coffee

Lunch was the rest of the noodles from last night’s dinner mixed with some fettucine alfredo sauce. I also had a pretty big salad of spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, sunflower seeds, pepperoni slices, feta cheese, and olive oil/balsamic vinegar mixture for a dressing. The apple pictured was a wonderful Pink Lady type that I saved for a 3:30 snack.


Plus, I had a sweet tooth today so I went to the cafe and got a baklava. It was almost too sweet for me and I only ate half.

Oooh, look at all of those yummy, gooey layers. Love baklava!


Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla with refried beans, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I normally don’t buy refried beans, but love to eat them on nachos at restaurants. I received the can that I used for tonight’s meal from my mom because she got it free and doesn’t eat refried beans. Now that I had them, I know they’ll end up in my grocery cart more often because I love the flavor they offer in this kind of meal.

tortilla with refried beans, cheese, tomatoes, hot sauce

I picked up a new Bill Bryson book at the library tonight, so that book is calling me. It is called At Home and covers the history of domesticity. Should be an interesting read and I’ll share my thoughts on it as I go. I am a big Bill Bryson fan. I’d have to say my favorite authors are him and David Sedaris.

Time for this tired blogger to go read before bed! Good Night!


2 responses to “Running out of blog titles title

  1. I’m also a huge Bill Bryson fan! I’ve badly wanted to visit Australia ever since reading his Australia book. Oh, and I laughed so hard reading A Walk in the Woods.

  2. MmMm i love backlava

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