Afternoon at the dentist

I had an appointment for a teeth cleaning this afternoon. When I was a kid, I dreaded these appointments because it always meant I would have to get a cavity filled. Now that I am an adult who doesn’t drink soda on a regular basis, I really like the dentist. Why? My teeth are clean and feel wonderful. I also like the feeling of leaving and knowing nothing is wrong with my teeth. I am so glad I no longer have to return to the dentist for fillings, crowns, root canals, etc. like I did up until 10 years ago or so. Do you like going to the dentist or fear it?

Moving onto my eats for the day…

Breakfast today was cheerios and coffee.

cheerios; coffee

Lunch (unpictured)–two pieces of pizza, an applesauce, Chobani lemon and a moser roth toffee chocolate for a taste of something sweet.

No snacks at work today. Literally, I was that busy. I tried to get a chance to make a hot coccoa and eat some almonds, but I didn’t have time because I was in meetings for about 90% of my day.

After my dentist appointment, I headed to the gym. I had been tired all day (because it’s Monday and because I opted for less sleep and more Colin Firth goodness before bed last night), but the gym woke me up. I feel like I should do a month long challenge to go to the gym every day and see how I feel. I always feel so much better when I leave there. I wouldn’t have to go hardcore, but just to get there and walk the indoor track sometimes, bike and read a book, and so on.

My energetic gym time consisted of intervals on the cybex arc trainer for 30 minutes and then a full circuit of weights. I also lifted some free arm weights when the machines were too busy.

On my way back from the gym, I was craving peanut butter and a smoothie. I figured, why not combine the two and make a peanut butter protein smoothie!

peanut butter smoothie

Oh my, this was so good. Ingredients were natural peanut butter, skim milk, ice cubes, soy protein powder and two spoonfuls of Nutella. The nutella was wasted because I really couldn’t taste it with the peanut butter flavor overpowering everything.

Dinner was shells with mushrooms and green peppers. I made leftovers for work tomorrow too. Love having my meal already cooked and decided for my lunch the next day.

noodles with mushrooms and green pepper

Today was the first day I could sign up for the spring session of recreation classes. I used to only take fitness classes through them, but now that I go to the YMCA, that’s not necessary. I still miss by Boot Camp through the rec because the teacher was really good and motivating. I am super excited though because I signed up for two cooking classes! Both are vegetarian and one is focused on springing into summer and the other is on vegetarian Indian dishes and called “Treasures of the Taj Mahal.” How fitting because our favorite Indian restaurant is called the Taj Mahal. I love Indian food and so does Craig, so I figured this would be helpful for meal planning in general.

I am still thinking about signing up for French, but not sure about it. I love languages and barely speak any French, but can read on a basic level because of my background in Italian and Spanish. Oui oui or au revoir to the idea? Not sure yet.

On that note, bonsoir!

2 responses to “Afternoon at the dentist

  1. I used to be terrified of the dentist, but found an amazing practice this summer and I’m a huge fan of the dentist now! I always have the hardest time talking myself into working out some days, but by the end I’m so happy!!!

  2. Ugh I don’t like the dentist either. I have been putting off my check up too! It’s been about a year…oops!

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