Eye candy

What an indulgent weekend. Last night, I indulged in yummy food with a Kopps cheeseburger and vanilla custard.

Today, I indulged in the best eye candy: Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau. (Side story: after I told my parents I liked the movie, my dad told my mom that I could have gone to see a still picture of Matt Damon up on the movie screen, stared at it for two hours, and still would have come out so happy). I went to see his new movie with my friend Laurie this afternoon.


We both really liked it a lot. In fact, it was really different than we both expected it to be, but in a good way. Even though it’s considered scifi/fantasy and not realistic, it got me thinking outside the box. Those are the best kind of movies. I went to the grocery store after dropping Laurie off and felt so weird. I felt like I was controlling how things happened to me, including needing a Kashi cereal box off the back of the shelf, trying to get it and a man instantly coming over to lift up his son to get it for me. I don’t know why, but the movie made me feel so odd and contemplative the whole time I grocery shopped!

Rewind to this morning–my tummy hurt a bit this morning from the Kopps cheeseburger. My body definitely doesn’t love red meat and I blame it on my colitis. I have problems digesting it and know this, but sometimes my body just needs red meat, like last night. I pay the consequences in the end and did this morning. I didn’t feel sick, but my tummy just hurt and I did not feel like going to the gym in that condition.

I had raisin bread, a black cherry chobani and coffee for breakfast.


So, I showered, got ready for the day and we went to a local flower shop to pick up this beautiful “spring garden” plant.



Craig’s work kindly sent us this plant in sympathy for his grandma’s passing. Now we are reminded of her by this beautiful spring plant. Makes me want spring to come soon so we can plant flowers and our vegetable garden!

I also popped in Sentry grocery store for some more greek yogurt–this time it was Athenos brand instead of Chobani on sale for $1. This will be my first time trying it, so I’ll let you know my opinion. Have you tried it yet?

athenos greek yogurt

Then it was time to do laundry, dishes, clean up and get ready to head out of the house again for the movie.

Oh and I ate a burrito and KIND plus bar before heading back out.


KIND plus bar

Loved that bar…I ordered a bunch from drugstore.com, along with some cashew cookie larabars, the weleda lavender oil and some cleansing cloths for my face. All were natural products because I got a shopping bag full of all natural food and beauty samples. If the deal is still on–check it out and just order a certain amount of natural products to get yours free.

Dinner tonight was homemade pizza. My half had mushrooms, red peppers and pepperoni.

homemade pizza

Washed the pizza down with an Amber woodchuck cider. Aaah, made me a bit buzzed. I was super happy and chatty.

Woodchuck Hard Cider amber

Meditation calmed me down and sobered me up. Boo. I was enjoying my buzz!

What a nice little Saturday!

Almost bedtime–have a good rest of your weekend. I’ll be blogging sometime tomorrow, but I also have to work in the afternoon, so it may be later at night.


6 responses to “Eye candy

  1. I can’t wait to try that Kind bar! I see that it’s marketed as higher in protein…do you happen to know how many grams?

  2. mMmM your breakfast looks delish I LOVE YOGURT! it reminds me of spring..and so do those flowers:)

  3. I like Athenos b/c A) I can get it for $1 and it’s something different but will always be a Chobani girl at heart!

  4. OMG! Kopp’s! I haven’t had a burger or custard there in a million years!

    And P.S. I think we are soul mates! I am SO glad you found my blog. 🙂

    • I know, Kopps is so yummy, but probably not the healthiest. That’s why I only go there once every four months or so.

      Glad I found your blog too–I can’t wait to read more and I am sure I’ll agree we’re healthy living/blog soul mates!

      Have a great day Kayla!

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