Monday blues

How was your Monday? Mine was ok. I was really tired today, but had to power through and get a lot of work done and pay attention in meetings.

Luckily, I am off tomorrow and get to do enjoyable things before the mad rush at work hits. I call this month March madness every year now, but it’s not because I follow basketball or care at all about basketball, but because my work literally gets insanely busy in March.

Breakfast was boring cheerios and a big cup of French roasted Starbucks coffee.

I like dark roasts best and in the March 2011 Natural Health magazine, there was an article talking about how “dark-roasted coffee contains N-methylpyridium (NMP), a chemical generated during roasting that reduces the production of irritating acid in the stomach.” The article goes on to say that “French and espresso roasts contain up to twice as much of this stomach-friendly substance as lighter roasts.” No wonder I like the darker roasts! Since I have such stomach trouble already, I need all the help I can get!

cheerios, coffee

No snack at work due to a busy meeting schedule. Boo, my stomach was hungry too!

Lunch was a ham and pepper jack cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, an Activia peach cobbler dessert yogurt and one chocolate chip cookie (not pictured).

carrots, activia, ham and cheese sandwich

I had a cup of hot cocoa at work for a little afternoon break while I worked on some editing.

Dinner was mac and cheese. I seriously cannot eat it without Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I think I have a problem.

macaroni and cheese

I was so full after dinner so I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. That meant that I skipped the gym. This new schedule with meditation is tough. Basically, I get home from work & meditate at the time I used to go to the gym. Before meditating as of last week, I did well with getting home, changing and heading right to the gym. I guess I just have to remember that I am supposed to do something active after meditation, so I’ll have to get to the gym right away. I’ll definitely have to eat something as a snack before the gym because I always seem to get hungry right around the time I am at there. Like anything new, it just takes some time to figure out the new schedule.

I had a cup of the Dieter’s Tea Cleanse & Trim that I received for free from Swanson Health Products.

It’s getting late, so I’ll wait to do my review on this product until tomorrow or later this week.

tea time

For now, I’ll just say that it tasted great!

Time to go read my book and try not to fall asleep on the couch again!

Be back tomorrow with my recap of my day off. I plan to hit the gym in the morning, maybe even for a class, hang around the house a bit, have lunch here and then go to the mall in the late afternoon. I have to time my shopping right because I have to drive out to this location further away from my house for the guided meditation class we’re going to. Should be interesting to compare the type I have been doing to the guided type.


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