The home stretch

I’m in the home stretch now with my work program occurring over the next two days. After seven plus months of planning, it feels good to be concluding this event. Even today’s workload was a bit lighter as a result, which feels wonderful.

Still, I am looking forward to kicking back on Saturday night, with a hard cider in my hand, watching a movie (I get DVDs from the library and the ones I had on hold all seem to be coming in right now) and just relaxing. The movies we are getting to watch this weekend include the final Stieg Larsson movie, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, and the Oscar nominated Winter’s Bone. I have to wait on getting two others until next week so we don’t get “movied out.”

Breakfast was Stonyfield vanilla yogurt topped with strawberries and chia seeds, again. Seems like I like this combination since I’ve had it a couple of times this week!

coffee, stonyfield yogurt, strawberries, chia seeds

Snack mid-morning was hot chocolate and a trail mix bar.

I ate lunch at the library while listening to a story by Alice Hoffman. My co-worker joined me this time and it was nice to hang out with her over our break. I laughed because about two months ago, I had convinced this particular co-worker and some others to try greek yogurt after I raved about it before we started a meeting. She is now hooked on it and has gotten her boyfriend and mom to love it. Her mom is a big Chobani fan like me. Wow, it’s kind of weird because she said that I influenced all three of them by just convincing her to try it. It’s a really nice feeling.

Lunch was a veggie sandwich with greek olive hummus, cucumbers, red peppers and a slice of pepper jack cheese. I also had a red delicious apple and an Activia peach cobbler dessert yogurt. I brought along a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

Activia dessert peach cobbler, veggie sandwich with hummus, apple

Dinner was a leftover slice of pizza I had forgotten about and some brussell sprouts topped with Arizona Dreaming spice from Penzey’s and a bit of sea salt.

brussell sprouts, pizza

Dessert was a strawberry banana Chobani.

Chobani greek yogurt-strawberry banana

I let dinner settle in my tummy and then went to yoga. Shoveling the really heavy snow last night sure made a difference in how sore my back was today during yoga. It felt good to stretch!

I have to get to bed early tonight, so have a good one!


One response to “The home stretch

  1. I’m dying to see Winter’s Bone! I heard it was really good. Can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

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