Recap of my relaxing Sunday

Yesterday, I started to feel rejuvenated. It took a day of rest at home, where I just put on sweats, showered, but didn’t do my hair or makeup and did not go to the gym. My body hurt so much over the last two days that I figured I could use an official rest day that didn’t require walking, rushing around to clean up a program, etc. like I had at work over the last two days. I did manage to wash dishes, do laundry and start using some of our new organizational tools.

Huggable hangers. Yay!


I brought out this wonderful three tiered shelf for our kitchen cabinet (it’s from Target). I should have done a before picture, but picture them shoved on a shelf with no rhyme or reason.


Most of our spices are from Penzey’s and most were completely free because of the catalog I receive in the mail or other coupons. Sweet! They are awesome spices.


kitchen cabinet

I hadn’t thought of it until reading A Better Bag of Groceries last week, but I alphabetized my spices. So simple, but it hadn’t even crossed my mind until I read her blog post about organizing her spices.

spices Penzey's

I started off my Sunday with some Raisin Nut Bran cereal and a big cup of coffee.

Lunch was a poached egg on an english muffin and some Stonyfield vanilla yogurt with strawberry rhubarb jam and fresh strawberries.


Dinner was pizza. We realized we had this huge box of pizza and breadsticks in the freezer forever and it was taking up so much room. I am kind of sick of pizza, but we couldn’t come up with a meal we were craving and didn’t feel like going out, because again, we didn’t feel like much.

Had one piece of pizza.


And about three breadsticks with sauce.


After that, I just watched Amazing Race then the movie the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest for about an hour. We’re watching the rest of it now and I must go pay attention. A Monday recap is coming soon. It feels good to be blogging again after three days off.


2 responses to “Recap of my relaxing Sunday

  1. I’m envious of your spice rack, mine is so unorganized when I open the cabinet, one or two usually face on top of my head. I definitely need something like that shelf!

    • Ha ha, that’s exactly what happened to me before organizing my spices like this. It was awful! I have some cracked Penzey’s lids as a result! Our kitchen is so tiny, so I really needed this to maximize my space and organize them in a beautiful way. I wanted a spice rack for the cabinet door, but they didn’t work with our cabinets, so I was stuck with this type of thing. You should get one from Target or one for your cabinet door if that would work!

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