Sunday brunch

I got up somewhat early today, read the ads in the newspaper, watched CBS Sunday morning and got ready to leave the house to drive forty minutes away for brunch at my friend’s house.

I knew I couldn’t wait to eat brunch after 10 a.m., so I had some coffee and an Athenos greek peach yogurt before leaving.

coffee, athenos peach greek yogurt

At my friend’s house, it was fun to visit with the girls and see two of their babies.

Baby Daniela and her mama Kelly

Kelly and Daniela

Baby Aidan and his mommy Loni

Loni and baby Aidan

Aidan with my friend Jenny

Jenny and Aidan

My brunch plate. I went back for some more french toast and strawberries. Enjoyed it with more coffee and orange juice.

brunch 3-20-11

Us girls visited into the early afternoon, mostly concerned about some very serious matters in the world. I guess being 30 years old and over makes us concerned about such things. We still discussed fitness, beauty and nutrition too (topics dear to my heart of course).

After visiting, I drove to my parents’ house because they live out that way in the country. My mama fixed some of my clothes, so I was picking those up–she hemmed pants and patched holes. I cannot sew for the life of me and she has a nice sewing machine and is a quilter. We visited for a while and on my way home, I realized that my afternoon of talking left me with a very sore throat that is still lingering.

It was a dreary day here and the rain and clouds made me want to go home and curl up on the couch. I sort of did that and read magazines, a book, we finished watching Despicable Me and now I am enjoying Amazing Race.

I didn’t feel like anything sweet for dinner, so I had half of a plain bagel with spinach artichoke cream cheese and then Craig made pierogis, so I just had a plate of two of those. Brunch really left me full for much of the day.

bagel with spinach artichoke cream cheese

Better go watch my show and check blogs during commercial breaks!

Not ready for the week to begin again. I feel like I had a productive and nice weekend though spent visiting with family and friends.


One response to “Sunday brunch

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Cute baby šŸ˜‰

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