Foodie TV shows

Happy Saturday! I am just lounging, watching America’s Test Kitchen first and now Cook’s Country. I get excited when I can catch those two TV shows on the weekend.

I also got pumped up last night when we saw a commercial for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

image source

It starts on Tuesday, April 12th at 7 p.m. central time. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do, it’s usually about food, fitness or travel, which are my favorite things at this point in my life. I also like HGTV at the gym. Can’t wait to see what Jamie’s up to now and the positive changes he will make in peoples’ lives.

This morning, I got up somewhat early to head to yoga at 8:45. Class was great. I was sweating and my hips were really hurting in some of the poses. I find that through yoga, I have discovered the weak areas of my body–my core and now my hips. It used to be my ankles and balancing on them, but with yoga and weightlifting, that has improved significantly.

I wore my Lululemon Speed Up tank for yoga and it was perfect! It didn’t creep up into my stomach (because it’s long) and it was comfortable. I was worried about the zipper on the back of tank bugging me because the girl at the outlet warned me it might not be good for yoga, but it didn’t bother me at all.

After an hour of yoga, I biked for 16 minutes while reading Health magazine. I also lifted some weights.

In the March issue of Health, they mentioned taking a quiz to see how old you would live to. I took it (couldn’t find it online, so check out March 2011’s Health) and got 91. I took one this week through the Northwestern Mutual Insurance site and found that I will live until 99. Craig’s said he would live until 83. I think it’s because he needs to eat veggies, fruits and exercise more. Take it and leave a comment with the age you get. I think it’s great so you can a) learn to make better choices in your life b) save more money in your 401K and plan properly.

Before yoga, I had a waffle, blueberry Chobani and coffee for breakfast.

coffee, blueberry chobani, waffle

Once home, I snacked on some peanut butter m&m’s.

peanut butter m&m's

And made a chocolate banana protein smoothie using cocoa powder, a bit of brown sugar, protein powder, frozen bananas and skim milk.

chocolate banana protein shake

I need to get ready to leave the house so I can go to TJ Maxx and Pick N’ Save for a bit of grocery shopping on double coupon day.

Tonight, my sister-in-law is supposed to come over so I can help her do a mock job interview. She has an interview this week and this should help her prepare for it.

Have a lovely Saturday!


4 responses to “Foodie TV shows

  1. have fun today! shout out to your chobani 😉 love it haha

  2. I recently discovered pretzel M and M’s which are now a major food staple in my house…unfortunetly :(. I don’t think we have the peanut butter ones in Canada..thank god

  3. Yay for Jamie Oliver. My husband watched the first one with me and boy did we start making better food choices then. I even tried to talk to my school district about limiting or getting rid of flavored milks. That went no where. Our foods are still dismal. Lots of breaded stuff or stuff with gravy or cheese sauce. My kids don’t like what they serve (not because they aren’t kid friendly. They are really kid friendly foods, but because they are picky), so usually we almost always send them with lunch. Unless it’s pizza.

    My age is 93. I think I do not eat enough veggies and fruits. But I’m trying to be more seasonal, so the best fruits should be coming in soon.

  4. I’m pleased to meet someone that watches “America’s Test Kitchen” like me. I haven’t heard of many people saying they watch that show, but I’m sure they’re out there since it’s still on TV. I think the testing method is really foolproof. I record the show on my DISH Network employee DVR and then watch on my iPhone when I’m out. If it weren’t for my Slingbox that sends live or recorded TV to my phone I wouldn’t watch TV at all any more. I make waffles from scratch all the time at home. Glad to see you are a waffle fan too. I use buttermilk powder since I don’t keep it on hand all the time.

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