To 10k or not to 10k, that is the question?

So, I am forcing myself to make a decision this week on whether or not I will sign up for the Rock N’ Sole 10k this summer. The registration goes up in price after Thursday, so that is motivating me. Running a 10k was one of my goals at the beginning of the year, but I am still on the fence about doing it. The reasons are that I have two bad knees and once I start running long distances, the one especially acts up. I also have been having a lot of hip pain recently. I think with training and regular yoga, I would be ok. As you can see, I keep talking myself out of it.

I consulted Pawsitive Life’s blog post on training for a 10k and it really does look doable.

What to do? I guess I will think about it until Thursday and make my decision.

My eats for the day–breakfast was plain non-fat Chobani with Kashi Go Crisp! Berry Crumble cereal and fresh strawberries.

coffee, chobani with Kashi Go Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble, strawberries

At work, I sipped on a peppermint tea during a meeting and then had a mini bagel with cream cheese because we had leftovers from one of my events.

Lunch was a spinach salad with herbed tofu, cherry tomatoes, shredded mozzarella and topped with olive oil and balsamic dressing. I tried the Mango Chobani for the first time and it was SO good! Probably one of my favorites (Laurie, you must get yourself to Woodman’s and try this flavor soon)! I had some peanut butter m&m’s for dessert.

tofu, salad, pink lady apple, mango chobani

The apple was my afternoon snack around 1:30 and then I had a 100 calorie pack of Blue Diamond almonds around 3:30.

blue diamond almonds

I think I was extra hungry today because I was tired. I also didn’t feel great in general-nauseous off and on, not wanting to see food at certain times and then being really hungry at others. I swear being tired did this to me. I am getting myself to bed early tonight no matter what!

I meditated when I got home from work, read my book for a bit and then fell asleep on the couch. I declared a rest day from the gym since I wasn’t feeling so hot.

My lovely husband made us cheesy noodles for dinner while I napped and woke me up to let me know I could eat.

cheesy noodles

Then I attempted to play with his new Nintendo 3DS, which also made me feel dizzy and sick. You can turn the level of the 3D up and down though, so that helped. Then it was fun to play with! I love the pretty teal color. Don’t tell my husband I think the color of his 3DS is pretty though. 🙂

Nintendo 3DS

With that, I am going to check my google reader and sign off. Night!


5 responses to “To 10k or not to 10k, that is the question?

  1. Do it!! I have a bad knee too. If it hurts just walk. My mom walks the 10 k in only 20 min longer than it takes me to run it. The first year she did it she was afraid they would close the course b4 she finished! Of course they didn’t 🙂 this will be her third year walking

    • Thanks for the encouragement! You are right, I should just do it and walk if I have to. I wouldn’t mind walk/running if I feel like that is better on my body. I can train over the next couple of months and try my hardest on the day of the race. I just pray it won’t be over 100 degrees in July when I plan to run! You probably get similar summer weather in Canada and you just never know how it will be.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Looks like I’ll have to be making a Woodman’s run soon – I love anything mango!

  3. I say go ahead and go for it. At the worst, you can always walk it!

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