Happy April Fools Day!

Anyone else catch the WordPress April Fools joke!? I saw my stats showing a really high graph mark for today and then a post called “April Fools.” Very creative WordPress!

It’s kind of hard to see, but the graph makes it look like I got over 600 hits today.

My husband played an April Fools joke on his co-workers today. He a computer guy, so he sent an e-mail around at work saying the copiers were now voice activated and people should test them out. People really went over and tried to make it work by talking to it. It made for some good laughs around his office. Here is what he posted at the copy machines.

April Fool's joke my husband played at work

Did you play any April Fools pranks on friends or family today? I saw quite a few bloggers playing jokes when I glanced at my Google Reader earlier! My favorite was Caitlin’s.

I started out my day with meditation and then made french toast for Craig and I using the Nature’s Pride bread I received from Foodbuzz. The bread was nice and thick and perfect for french toast! I had strawberries on the side and so did my husband.

french toast with Nature's Pride bread, strawberries

I got to the YMCA early this morning for 10 minutes of biking while reading Health magazine. Look at the article I came across! What perfect timing!

Health magazine 10k article

health magazine

Then I went to yoga class for an hour. It was a teacher I had never tried before and she’s a pretty new yoga instructor, but she did a great job. I like trying new teachers out to see what poses they choose.

Once home, I did some dishes, laundry and general cleaning and then got ready to get out of the house. I had an 11 am snack of plain Chobani with wild blueberry preserves. I knew I would need some protein before shopping and didn’t feel like eating lunch at this point in my day.

coffee, chobani, wild blueberry preserves

I went to Kohl’s first to use a 30% off coupon on presents for Craig’s cousin’s wedding shower in a couple of weeks. I bought her lots of great food network tools that I know I would have loved to receive at my shower!

I tried on a bunch of clothes there, but nothing was great. I still had the itch to go clothes shopping and satisfied it by going to Marshall’s/Homegoods. Again, I tried on a bunch of things but nothing fit right until I got to a purple dress that was only $19.99. I saw that they also had gray in my size, so if the purple fit, I promised myself I would buy both. The dress fit me perfectly and flattered my body type just right. Love when that happens! I bought both and considered two dresses for $40 a great snag!


They are Mercer and Madison brand in case anyone was wondering.

Mercer & Madison dress brand

I also went to Wal-mart for our Turbotax software that we got cheaper through site to store. I picked up some other things there and was tired of shopping after all of that, so I headed home.

I had lunch kind of late, but tried the Boca mushroom veggie burger.

Boca savory mushroom mozzarella veggie burger

It was just ok. Not my favorite. I put it on an Arnold’s Thin with some provolone cheese.

skim milk, boca mushroom veggie burger

The rest of the afternoon, I read my book, a magazine, and took a little nap because I could!

It was a great day off of work! Now I need to go eat dinner–it’s a Gardein tuscan meat-free breast with rice and sauce. Craig’s preparing it and it’s almost done!


2 responses to “Happy April Fools Day!

  1. I saw that on WordPress and thought I was the only one! I was like wth is going on?? Then I realized it was April Fools-doh! I love your hubby’s prank 🙂

  2. I didn’t catch the WordPress joke…but that is sneaky! Your husbands prank is hilarious! Nothing interesting went down in my office, which is probably a good thing!

    Those are cute and spring-y dresses! Spring will eventually get here, right?!

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