Getting my omega-3s

Lately, I keep hearing more and more about omega-3s and eating fish especially. I don’t eat fish, so I take fish oil pills instead. Or I consume chia seeds and ground flax.

If you haven’t tried chia seeds yet, check out this post on the Swanson Health Products Blog.

Last week, at the “Eat Well, Live Well” lunch I went to, the registered dietitian who spoke to us did mention fish quite a bit. She was focusing on eating for breast cancer health or cancer prevention in general. She said omega-3s reduce inflammation in the body, fight against cancer and one should eat fish 2-3 times per week to get these benefits.

A couple of nights ago on Doctor Oz, he was talking about Omega-3s and measured the levels in two women. One was ok because she ate salmon at least once a week, but you could tell the other lately hadn’t paid much attention to adding Omega-3s to her diet. Dr. Oz said there is a lot of hype about Omega-3s right now, so be careful when choosing products that say they have Omega-3s in them.

A couple of months ago, Swanson Health Products sent me some Carlson fish oil pills to try out and review. I have been using them for a couple of months now and they are great! I remember my first time trying fish oil pills–I bought the kind in which you burp up the fish taste and it was awful! These definitely do not do that and I love the product!

Carlson fish oil

Carlson fish oil info label

Here are the supplement facts from the Swanson Health Products website:

According to Google shopping, Swanson Health Products has the cheapest price for 120 soft gels.

Today (April 7th) is World Health Day 2011. In honor of it, Swanson Health Products is donating 5% of the day’s sales to an organization that is very dear to them, Vitamin Angels. They will also donate $0.25 for each new “Like” they get on their Facebook page. With just 1 click, you will help Vitamin Angels reach 1 child in need for an entire year with life-saving vitamins and supplements. You can get all the details here. So go order some fish oil or any of their other great healthy products!

How do you like to get your Omega-3s?


6 responses to “Getting my omega-3s

  1. I just tried chia seeds yesterday! I was surprised to find that they have no taste at all (which makes them great as a food extender and omega-3 source). I also take either a flax seed or fish oil capsule every day and incorporate flax meal into my breakfast.

  2. I saw your post this morning Britne! I was excited that you tried chia seeds. I really like them and need to remember to incorporate them into more of my meals.

  3. I’m allergic to all things fish and shellfish, so my Omega 3’s come from Chia Seeds.

  4. I looove chia seeds! I need to get some more – I ran out like 2 months ago and need to restock!

  5. Chia Seeds are on my list of things to get, I just always forget!

    I take a fish oil capsule every day to get my Omega 3’s in.

  6. I take the Swanson fish oil pills, I just tend to forget in the morning daze! Check your local retailer, there are great coupons or that brand!

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