Lucky Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! This week went by quickly! I hope the weekend goes by slowly. Tomorrow, I must clean the house, go to Craig’s grandma’s b-day party, grocery shop and then relax and read my book. On Sunday, we have to devote the day to taxes and I plan to start by 10k training.

Breakfast was strawberry waffles and coffee.

coffee, waffles

At work, I needed a Friday pick me up, so I got an almond latte. I can’t get used to drinking those fancy drinks and I need to go back to my peppermint tea.

Lunch was applesauce and a pb&j sandwich. I had a cookie for dessert.

pb & j, applesauce

I always read blogs on my lunch break and was so excited to see that I won Food Snob STL’s “favorite things” giveaway! I won justin’s almond/chocolate butter packets (which I also love), KIND bars (love and eat all the time), a meal/grocery planner notepad (totally need this badly) and raw honey (will definitely use).

It was definitely a lucky day! I came home to find a lovely package in my front door! Vitalicious was kind enough to send me some of their products.

vita tops

Yum, can’t wait to try these! I put all but one in the freezer. I am saving that one for tomorrow morning!

vita tops


Vita Brownie

When I get home from work, I often just want a little snack. Today, I had a few cheese curds.

cheese curds wisconsin

My workout was 10 minutes of rowing, some weight machines and 25 minutes of biking while reading Health magazine.

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner, so I just had a mini bagel with an egg white and cheddar cheese and some red grapes on the side.

red grapes, egg, mini bagel

Now Craig and I are geeking out. He likes watching Shark Tank and we both are being geeky and watching a PBS show called “Electric Dreams” where a family goes back in time with the technology in their house and they see how things change from the 1970’s to current times. It’s the history nerd in me that loves this type of show! It’s so interesting to see how technology really does isolate the family members over time. I hate that it does that, but then again, here I am blogging away for the last hour on a Friday evening when I could be reading a book I have to finish by Wednesday. 🙂

Do you embrace technology or have you found it has isolated people at work and at home more over time? What is your favorite piece of technology? Mine definitely is my iPod touch. I don’t have a fancy phone, but I love playing with my iPod touch and surfing the web when I don’t feel like pulling out my laptop.

7 responses to “Lucky Friday!

  1. You got sooo many VitaTops!!!! You’ll have to let me know how some of the other flavors are – I’ve only had the chocolate one!

    • I know, the company was so generous! I definitely will review each and every flavor on my blog, naturally. I’ll let you know what my favs are though.

      Have a good weekend! What are you guys up to?

  2. How cool-I can’t wait to hear about all the different flavors of VitaTops!

    Technology, sigh. I love love love it but does find that it isolated people and that people can say stuff online that they would never say to someones face in person.

  3. mMmMm i’ve wanted to try vita tops for a while! lemme know how you like them 🙂

  4. First, how did I miss seeing that Electric Dreams? I would so love to have my kids watch that. Well and me too. I’ll have to see if it repeats sometime. Second, how do you do the egg whites? Do you separate your own eggs, or do you buy a container of egg whites? (You do it so often, but separating is such a hassle and then what do you do with the yolk?) Third, I’m glad I’m not the only one not quite done with taxes. I have to do the Wisconsin one and then done. (I’m at work today, training people)

    • Electric Dreams may be on tomorrow night. I remember it was on Sunday of last week. I actually thought of you when watching it and knew you would enjoy it too!

      I use the egg whites in the container. No way could I take the time to separate them! Well, I could, but I am too tired in the morning to do such a thing.

      Yeah, taxes stink. Craig did most of them on Turbotax today and they are pretty much done now, but we just have to check them over. Good luck with yours.

      Hope training went well today! Have a great rest of your weekend.

  5. Isn’t the sampler pack great!? Enjoy! I love me some Vitatops 🙂

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