Taxes are done!

We had a storm come through last night, just as our bedtime rolled around, and it made for a very sleepy day! Glad to have the warmer temps, but not the thunderstorms that keep me awake!

Breakfast was plain non-fat Chobani with almonds and honey.

Chobani non-fat plain with honey, almonds, coffee

Snack at work was a peppermint tea and a Pecan Pie larabar.

Lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on an Arnold’s Thin, a pomegranate Chobani, an apple, and a clementine.

On my break, I read Crazy Sexy Diet and as I found when I was reading it before bed last night, I am really enjoying Kris Carr’s writing and am learning a lot from her! I knew nothing about pH levels before reading the last couple of pages.

pb & j on Arnold's Thin, Chobani pomegranate, apple, clementine

I left work somewhat early to make it to a 4:30 class at the Y. Ultimate Intervals class was good. It used to be called Boot Camp, but they changed the name and we have a new teacher. You see, I didn’t attend Boot Camp for the last couple of months because I really hadn’t cared for the last teacher. The one we had today was enthusiastic and had good stations set up. It’s tough to make the class time though. I wish it was at 5:30 instead. We’ll see how often I attend because Mondays are busy for me at work.

I was so happy to get the giveaway items from Laura at Food Snob STL in the mail today! Thanks Laura–love the goodies!

prize from FoodSnob

Dinner was red quinoa, feta, tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, sea salt, and some spices.

red quinoa, feta, tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers

After dinner, we meditated and then Craig and I finished our taxes and submitted them! Phew. One thing that we learned from doing them was that we aren’t so savvy with finances. We are good savers, but we don’t know how to invest our money. So, this prompted a new goal for 2011: take a financial class together so we are more financially savvy!

From finances, back to food–my sister-in-law is starting a new full-time job on Monday and she’s not used to bringing a meal to a workplace. I gave her some advice in an e-mail and told her to check out my blog.

Question for you readers: any tips for my sister-in-law on making healthy brown bag lunches?

My tips were to prepare veggies, etc. on Sundays and to cook extra of a meal and save some for work leftovers. I also said that fruit often fulfills my sweet tooth (like it did today) and that way I guarantee I get my fruit in for the day too.

8 responses to “Taxes are done!

  1. Taking a financial class is a great idea– I have a lot to learn when it comes to investing. As for brown bag tips, I totally agree with you on the fruit– it helps to have fresh berries or an apple on hand when I crave something sweet in the afternoon. I’m a big proponent of making a few meals for the week on Sundays– quinoa salad, chopped veggies, etc.– easy grab and go items. 🙂

  2. I love justins nut butters! Those are great for on the go meals

  3. We did our taxes in February, with only one income and we rent, makes it very quick and easy!
    When I worked in an office, I made my lunch, breakfast and sliced fruit and vegetables for snacks every night before I went to bed.

  4. I think we experienced the same thunderstorms! I have to find that Chobani yogurt in Canada…I think I will call the manufacturer

  5. Glad you got the package. Hope things didn’t get too smashed!

  6. Thats an awesome giveaway you won!

    I always make meals in bulk that can be frozen as well (soups, lasagne, etc.) and like you chop up a bunch of veggies so they are easy to cook with or grab throughout the wk. If she eats meat, slow cook some chicken in the crock pot during the wknd so she can throw into sandwiches, salads or on top of rice during the wk.

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