HRA and a haircut

Wow, can’t believe Tuesday is over! Now I just need to get over the hump tomorrow and the week should fly by. πŸ™‚ My day really went fast because I only worked about 5 hours and then had to leave to go to my husband’s workplace.

We had our Health Risk Assessment appointments this afternoon. My stats were really good. Kind of bummed to hear that even though my cholesterol is excellent, because my mom has high cholesterol, I could be predisposed to have it someday. The cute lady that was my nurse today asked, “now how is your diet” and then proceeded to say things like, “what percentage of milk do you drink?” (Skim). She even drew me a little picture of a plate and said that half of my plate should be filled with veggies and they should be two different colored veggies. Has anyone else heard that fact about the colors? I guess I often get two different colors in throughout the day, but not in the same meal.

Breakfast was cheerios and almond milk with a cup of coffee. I kept my breakfast kind of light because I knew I would need to eat again soon.

cheerios, coffee

I had to eat a snack around 9:45 a.m. because I had to fast for four hours today. I could only eat half of the cantaloupe pictured here, the whole wheat bagel thin with strawberry cream cheese, and the yogurt. The clementine and rest of the cantaloupe will be part of my lunch tomorrow.

cantaloupe, clementine, yogurt, bagel with strawberry cream cheese

On my way to my husband’s work, I grabbed our lunch because I knew that by 2:30, we would be starving after a four hour fast! Lunch was a ham and cheese Subway sandwich.

Craig at work eating lunch

subway black forest ham sub

Also a Fanta & a cashew cookie larabar because I was still hungry.

larabar, fanta

After leaving my husband’s work, I went right to get my haircut and a partial foil done. I have to say that my husband is too cute when he said this before I left, “thanks for coming out here, wish we could have lunch like this at least once a week.” It would put me in a really good mood if I could see him in the middle of a work day. Love that I married such a sweet man who I enjoy spending time with and he feels the same way about me.

Pre-haircut/highlight/lowlight (in my opinion, needed a good cut with layers thrown back in and was too blond from the last highlight I had in January).


After (layers bumped up, hair thinned and highlight/lowlights for a more chunky effect–this is more visible on the other side of my head).


Feels good to have light hair again! My hair was never what I considered thick until recently and I really do need to get it cut more often to thin it out.

Dinner was the Greek Gods yogurt with raspberries and wild blueberry preserves. I wasn’t that hungry because we ate lunch so late.

greek yogurt, raspberries, preserves

I was so bummed because I thought Food Revolution would be on tonight and then it wasn’t. Boo. Can’t wait for the new one next week though!


2 responses to “HRA and a haircut

  1. Your hair looks great! My husband had Friday and Monday off for Easter, Friday all of the kids were home, but Monday it was just him and I with the toddler and when he took his nap it was nice to spend some time alone with the husband πŸ˜‰

  2. Hair looks lovely! Im getting my first colouring done in three years on the weekend, nervous! I have heard about the different coloured veggies but never that they had to be in one sitting. Thankfully you have a handy diagarm to help you out. πŸ™‚

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