Lunch and shopping with Mom

Happy Sunday! Boy did this weekend fly by. Today especially did because I wasn’t home for most of it. I could use another day off.

Breakfast was Crunchy Nut cereal and coffee.

Crunchy Nut cereal; coffee

Craig and I went on a walk around the neighborhood this morning. We ran for a bit too and that’s always fun to do together.

We need a case for our Kindle, so we went to Best Buy to check out their selection. They had some nice ones, but nothing we’d purchase on the spot because we are both researchers who like to take a lot of time with selecting products like that.

So, the Kindle was purchased for us to share. Then, Craig got to thinking that we may want to each have our own because there is a sweet Mother’s Day deal on them right now. $189 for the 3G one, with a $25 Amazon gift card included in the purchase. I actually signed up for an Amazon credit card last night, so I have a $30 credit waiting for me too. In the end, the 3G Kindle would be a really good deal right now and it would be great to have our own for going to work, reading at night, trips, etc. I may order another tonight and then the 3G would be mine. πŸ™‚

I drove out to my parents’ house around 11:30 and picked up my mom to head to lunch. She’s turning the big 72 tomorrow, so I wanted to spend part of today with her.

We went to Pal’s Ice Cream Shoppe and Grille in Genesee Depot.

Pal's Ice Cream Shoppe and Grill

Totally cute house and really nice staff.

Pal's Ice Cream Shoppe and Grill outside

mom and I

mom outside of Pal's


Love this gazebo!

Outside of Pal's Genesee Depot

And the inside was beautiful too, especially the door moulding.

Pal's Genesee Depot

Pal's Genesee Depot

Lunch was a Vegetable Pita with cucumber sauce and fries. I haven’t had french fries in ages and these were really good.

french fries, cucumber sauce, veggie pita

Mom had the same thing.

Mom at Pal's, Genesee Depot

I took more pictures after lunch. I went a little camera crazy today. πŸ™‚


When we walked into the restaurant, an older couple was sitting here, enjoying their lunch. When we left, the lady said to us, “do you want a tour?” She told us she used to live in the house and was giving us the background on which room was what in the old house. It must have been a beautiful house to live in! How weird to come back to a house you used to live in and it’s now converted into a restaurant!


Loved this sign about giving your children candy in their lunch every day.


Mom and I then did what we do best together–we shopped! We just ran to Marshall’s, Kohl’s and Target in Delafield. I had already found a beautiful floral scarf for only $15 in Genesee Depot at a really cute store there called The Pink Shopping Bag Boutique. I got black Tommy Hillfiger shorts at Marshall’s and mom got gardening gloves. Kohl’s disappointed me because I had high hopes to get the Oxo mixing bowls and a silcone pastry brush, but figured out that Bed Bath and Beyond will be cheaper for those items with their coupons. At Target, I just got my gummy multivitamins and some Target brand vanilla calcium and Vitamin D chews. I scoped out their Kindle cases too.

kindle cases Target

Phew! I was tired after shopping, but had to help my mom with some computer things, such as how to use a USB drive and how to download photographs to the computer. I barely got to visit with my dad, but today was dedicated to my mom anyway.

When I got home, I was wiped and took a nap. Too long of a nap because I skipped the gym AGAIN. No more slacking–this week was definitely a big rest week, even though I did exercise outside this morning, it’s not the same as going to the gym. I miss it, I just seem to feel like the days are flying by and I am choosing not to go to the gym and do other things instead.

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner. I spoiled my appetite with two Nutella cookies and then was good and had a blueberry Chobani.

Ok, this was a long post so speaking of doing other things, I need to manage my time. I’ll go plan my workout schedule for the week, post it and also get back to watching Amazing Race.


3 responses to “Lunch and shopping with Mom

  1. Excellent post today! I really enjoyed it. I enjoy making great food for my family and friends when they come over for entertainment. Food can also be entertaining in itself. Thanks again for sharing this.

    A Delicious Coffee Roll Recipe

  2. Nice pics of the interior of the restaurant, I love when they convert old homes into restaurants!

  3. Thank you for the mention in your blog! We would love for you to visit again!
    Warm regards,
    The Pink Shopping Bag

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