Injuries stink

There is no other way to put it, injuries are devastating. I managed to injure my ankle tonight while hopping off the treadmill. I had just run 2.85 miles in 33 minutes (walked part of that time as warm up/cool down). I felt fine the whole time on the treadmill. When I stepped off the back, my left ankle gave out on me. This is the ankle that has an old break in it from an injury that occurred about four years ago now. Amazing how it just keeps creeping back up. Anyway, I fell down to the ground and felt awful. The pain surged up my leg and I instantly was depressed about what had just happened. A nice guy lifting weights asked me if I was ok and I thanked him for asking. I walked it off and felt a little better. I also stretched and took off my shoe to see how it felt. The pain was really bad so I just decided to leave and get home ASAP to ice it.

Luckily I had a paradice pack in the freezer and a good nurse to help me feel better just by petting his cute little face.

icing my ankle, Karma in background

Breakfast: honey nut cheerios and coffee

coffee and honey nut cheerios

Snack: Almond Latte and Blue Diamond raw almonds

blue diamond almonds; almond latte

Lunch: lemon chobani with strawberries (such a good combination); a bagel thin with pb & j, a string cheese and an unpictured nutella cookie.

strawberries, lemon chobani, string cheese, bagel thin pb & j

Dinner: since my foot was killing me, I warmed up the rest of the beer battered tofu and chowed down. I also had Stonyfield plain yogurt with Kashi cocoa granola and chia seeds.

Stonyfield yogurt, Kashi cocoa granola, chia seeds

My goal is to read A Homemade Life or an e-book tonight and catch up on my google reader, so off I go.


10 responses to “Injuries stink

  1. So sorry to hear about your ankle injury, hope it heals soon!

  2. I’ve always had problems with my left ankle. Once you’ve injured it, it becomes a nagging friend for life. Just make sure you ice it plenty and use compression till its better. You should be fine in no time!

  3. hope your ankle gets better soon! enjoy the rest 😉

  4. oh no I’m so sorry to hear about your ankle I hope that it feel better soon!

  5. Eek, no bueno! Hope your ankle heals quick.

  6. Ohh, ouch! I hope your ankle gets better quickly!!!
    I’m so bummed I can’t find the lemon chobani anywhere, but I’ll just keep searching until it’s in my hot little hands 😉

  7. That’s one protein-packed lunch ya got there! Nothing but good wishes from all of us here at CHO.

    Emily, Chobani

  8. Oh no! Is your ankle better today? 😦

  9. pawsitivelife

    Im so sorry you hurt yourself! Injuries happen in the most unpredictable ways..hope you feel better

  10. Injuries DO suck! I’m so sorry the ankle brought you so much pain! 😦

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