Relaxing day at home

Feliz cinco de mayo! (I speak Spanish pretty well and even minored in it in college for a while, until it became too difficult). No fun cinco de mayo food on the blog today, but Craig and I might try a new Mexican restaurant this weekend. Did you know that cinco de mayo isn’t even widely celebrated in Mexico? Learned some fun facts about it while lounging around and watching the Today show this morning!

I ended up calling in sick today so I could rest properly. It felt so good to be home and relaxing all day, with my foot up for most of it, of course. I finished about four magazines that had already been started, lots of newspapers from my huge stack, and I read on the Kindle.

The good news is that my ankle is feeling better. The pain in my foot was not too prevalent today, except for now, in the evening. It seems that my ankle and leg itself always hurt the most at night and overnight, while I am sleeping. In fact, I woke up many times last night with pain and that was also one of the reasons I stayed home today. I needed to sleep in until 9 a.m. to make up for my lack of sleep!



I painted my toenails a cheery summer color of Essie Boat House and read The Secret Holocaust Diaries (a free book that is really good so far) on the Kindle.

reading The Secret Holocaust Diaries on Kindle; painting toenails

Lunch–just Stonyfield plain yogurt with almonds and honey. I was not hungry all day, so this is the only thing I ate for lunch.

Stonyfield plain yogurt, sliced almonds, honey

More reading, this time it was Nutrition Action. This article on sandwich and bagel thins opened my eyes to the fact that I may want to consider switching to a different brand of sandwich thins because Arnold’s doesn’t rate so well (due to sodium levels).



I think I’ll pick up some of the top rated Trader Joe’s thins while shopping there this weekend.


Dinner–whole wheat gnocchi with four cheese fettuccine alfredo sauce and some grape tomatoes on the side. I think I’ll stick to regular flour gnocchi from now on. The wheat flavor was too strong for both Craig and I.

whole wheat gnocchi; fettucine alfredo sauce; grape tomatoes

Even though I read all day, I want to get some more in tonight. I also need to ice and elevate my foot again because the pain is starting to surge. No exercise today, just lots of rest.


5 responses to “Relaxing day at home

  1. Sounds like you really needed that rest! Also sounds like a nice, relaxing day 🙂

  2. I hope your ankle feels better soon! sounds like it was the right decision to take a day off. I’ve always seen how much bloggers love the sandwich thins but have never understood why!

    I am a huge fan of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread particularly the cinnamon raisin. Also TJ’s whole wheat pitas. Both are SO good and healthy 🙂

  3. Some days you just need a relaxing day! Hope the ankle is better today 🙂

  4. pawsitivelife

    Do you like your kindle? Im debating….is it like a computer screen?

    • No, it’s totally like a real piece of paper. The kindle has an anti-glare screen, where the nook doesn’t. That allows you to read the kindle in the sun.

      There is a good deal on it right now–$114 for the one that shows ads and special deals. Hope you could get that price in Canada or maybe you can shop in the states for it.

      Ask away if you have other questions!

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