Oh Goody!

oh goody! amazon

…the Kindle arrived today! I now have my own Kindle and we are a two Kindle household. I have always been a big reader since I was about 6 and I think having an e-reader will even encourage me to read more. I got the 3G version so I will have internet anywhere (basically, where cell service comes in). If we travel to Europe again soon (yes, please), I can use the Kindle in most countries there. I should do a proper review on the Kindle soon for anyone who is more curious about it.

Lisa and Kindle 3G

Kindle 3G

I worked this morning until about 12:30 and then it was off to Trader Joe’s. I spent almost $100 there, but I bought double of a lot of things that we love. I always tell myself this, but I need to shop there more often. I just have to time my trips right because coming home from there on a work day, I would hit major freeway traffic.

When I checked out, the cashier said to me, “this looks like a vegetarian’s cart.” I replied, “yeah, we are about 90% vegetarian in our household.” He shared some of his favorite vegetarian finds from TJ’s, including soy chorizo, which sounds delicious. I’ll have to pick that up next time. Aren’t the cashiers at Trader Joe’s just so friendly and helpful?

After watching Food, Inc. for the second time tonight, I feel like becoming a vegetarian and not eating 10% meat in my diet. I seriously cry every time I see the baby chicks and then the chickens. I can’t even write about it and describe it without wanting to tear up. Since I was young, I didn’t like the thought of eating animals and my parents had to force me to eat any type of meat.

Dinner was comprised of some of the products I picked up from Trader Joe’s. I made my traditional quinoa meal of roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, chickpeas, and artichoke hearts. I paired it with TJ’s pomegranate green tea. So filling that I didn’t have room for any dessert, which is a good thing because I snacked on too many dark chocolate covered almonds in the afternoon. 🙂

quinoa with veggies, pomegranate green tea

After two days of resting, I got to the gym for a long workout. The gym was dead, so I took full advantage of that and spent more time lifting weights. I did a full circuit with more reps than usual, biked for 25 minutes, did the Cybex Arc trainer for 15 minutes, and did some abs on the ball with my body weight and hand weights. It felt good to be back there. My ankle was not aggravated by the bike or Cybex at all. I stretched very well before and after my workout.

Be back tomorrow with a mother’s day post dedicated to my lovely mom. 🙂 Since I spent last Sunday with her for her b-day, I won’t be spending tomorrow with her. 😦 What are you doing with your mom?


2 responses to “Oh Goody!

  1. I love that you officially have a pic of you and the Kindle!

    I am driving to FL tomorrow and hoping I can make it home. My parents are in the southern part of the state so another five hours once you get to the border. If I wasn’t in a time crunch and going through Orlando, I wanted to stop by that coffee/tea place you went to.

    • Ha ha, yeah I had to have my hubby take a pic because I am a dork. 🙂

      Have a safe drive to FL! Hope you get there in time to spend it with your mom!

      Maybe you can stop by there on your way back?

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