New kitchen tools!

Hope all of you mothers had a great day and were pampered!

I had a breakfast of Stonyfield plain yogurt with wild blueberry preserves and a cup of coffee.

coffee, yogurt with preserves

This morning, Craig, his mom Kathy and I went to Perkin’s for brunch. It was crowded, naturally. I got the Florentine eggs benedict with a side of fruit because it had ingredients I loved and the nutritional stats posted on the menu and were pretty decent. It had egg beaters, canadian bacon, spinach, diced tomatoes, and swiss cheese.

Perkins florentine eggs benedict

It didn’t disappoint!

I was tired after brunch. I took a little nap and then had to get going so I could run errands. First, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond because I had a number of things to get and was able to get $10 off my total with two coupons.

Here is everything I got on my errands today, but from BB&B, I picked up OXO mixing bowls, an OXO silicone pastry brush, and a cookie sheet because one of ours is in bad shape.

results of shopping

Tanzi sniffing my purchases.

cat and shopping trip items

Can you believe we didn’t have proper mixing bowls before I bought these!?

OXO Mixing bowls

I was just using a serving bowl to mix things in and that no longer worked.

Then it was off to Penzey’s for my free spice of choice. I picked out one of the most expensive (this jar was worth $14.59) and I knew that after my Indian cooking class, I would be using curry powder more often.

Penzey's Maharajah Curry Powder

Got this pretty summery cardigan from TJ Maxx. I had been looking for a lighter cardigan like this last summer and never found it. This one was really flattering too. Perfect with a summer tank!

top from tjmaxx

Once home, I relaxed a bit. By the time I was done drooling over pretty things on etsy, reading blogs, and reading the Sunday newspaper, I didn’t feel like going to the gym and it was getting late. I convinced Craig to go on a walk with me because it was still pretty nice out and I felt like being in nature this evening. We saw 5 bunnies and tons of birds, which always pleases this animal lover!

On the walk, Craig brought up making one of our four formaggi Trader Joe’s pizzas so I was game. I was going to eat my quinoa leftovers for dinner, but those can wait for lunch tomorrow.

Trader Joe's four formaggi with artichokes pizza

I added artichokes to my half. They gross Craig out but they really don’t taste like much.

Per usual, Amazing Race is on and it’s close to the end of this season. I need to go watch and pay attention!


One response to “New kitchen tools!

  1. Nice find you got! I love those mixing bowls and have been holding off on buying them but they are on my wish list.

    I could totally go for some Florentine Eggs Benedict right now–yum!

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