To Mutti, with love

Happy Mother’s Day! Mutti=mom in German and I have called my mom this maybe ever since I took German in high school.

8-22-09 mom and me wedding

3315 Lisa B & Mary B

Mom, you had me at the age of 41 and while you say I kept you young, I don’t know how you raised 7 of us children and then had your last child, me, at that age! I am so glad I was able to become close with you and bond by shopping, eating TCBY yogurt, traveling, taking our Thelma and Louise trips from California to Wisconsin and back, and much much more. You have always been there for me during the good and bad times and I really appreciate your support and love. I still love talking to you on the phone every day.


Check out this awesome card I made for my mom when I was 7.

Happy Mother's Day

Love my observations, such as the fact that my mom ate ice cream before dinner, from the ice cream container. Hmmm….sounds familiar (I do this now once in a while).







mother's day card

a mother buys clothes


Sorry I can’t be with you today mom. I am thankful we got to celebrate your birthday and mother’s day last weekend.

Love you,


One response to “To Mutti, with love

  1. pawsitivelife

    Awww, you are a very talented artist :), Happy mothers day to you and your mom

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