Bottomless pit

Yay, only two more days of the work week! So glad I don’t have to work this weekend!

Just a typical Wednesday for me. Worked, had yoga class at work, and rested tonight. My body, especially my abs, really hurt after yesterday’s HABIT class. I am glad they did because that means I did something right! It just hurt to do any ab exercises in yoga today.

Breakfast was the usual.


I actually bought my lunch today because I didn’t feel like preparing anything before work. I also was craving a big salad and eggs, so I knew I would just grab a chef salad at work.

chef salad, newman's own salad dressing

After yoga, I was still hungry! Rather than eating treats, I went for a fruit cup at my work cafe. It hit the spot and tasted so good!

fruit cup

When I got home from work, I found a package with one of the things I ordered with my blog profits! I decided to treat myself to a knitted apple holder from etsy. I know you probably think this is ridiculous, but the germ phobia I have makes me currently bring apples wrapped up in a paper towel when I go to work. That’s not eco friendly and I try to be as green as possible. So, I saw one of these on another blog a while ago and finally treated myself to one.

This is from early girl on etsy, obviously. Cute packaging, huh!? I am a sucker for that kind of stuff!

early girl knitted apple holder

I am also a sucker for anything with bird prints on it. 🙂

Here’s the holder in my favorite color, teal! No apples to model it with, but when I buy some, I’ll show you what it looks like or you can click over to early girl’s etsy site to check it out for yourself!

apple knitted holder from etsy--early girl

I had a bottomless pit today and felt like nothing satisfied me! I lost some weight and I think my body is trying to gain it back. I snacked when I got home from work–had some pita chips, some dark chocolate covered almonds, and some pomegranate green tea.

Dinner was a vegetable masala burger from TJ’s. I called it a chana masala burger earlier this week and I saw the package just calls it a vegetable masala burger. Oops. Must have had chana masala on my brain!

vegetable masala burger Trader Joe's

I finished my first book on the kindle last night. I loved The Secret Holocaust Diaries and encourage others to read it. I have a confession though. I balled when I read a part of the book and just couldn’t control my tears. Her story was so sad and the thought of all of the awful things that happened during the Holocaust rushed into my head, causing me to cry for all of those who lost their loved ones during that horrible time in history.

Off to read some blogs!


3 responses to “Bottomless pit

  1. I’ve never heard of an apple holder before but I am diggin the idea! I always throw an apple in my purse then it gets bruised and holes it in–no bueno. Thanks for mentioning!

    Your yogurt creation looks gorgeous–very artlike!

  2. I am so glad that you got two great classes in. Changing things up really does help motivate me and boost my mood. The apple holder is so cute I have never thought of that before. Chana or veggie masala, it still sounds delish and I def want to get some this weekend 🙂

    So glad you get the whole weekend to relax! 🙂

  3. That veggie burger looks yummy! I need to go to TJ’s more often!

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