I’m back and a review of El Beso in Greenfield

So I took an unexpected break from blogging over the last couple of days. I didn’t have a good reason except for that I was busy doing other things, like drinking margaritas and going to the gym.

I still took pictures of my food, expecting that I would blog. So, I’ll just do a picture summary without too many captions.

Tried a green monster for breakfast for the first time. I also had coffee. This just didn’t fill me up as I had hoped it would and I didn’t really feel like drinking a cold smoothie for breakfast. I think I crave smoothies after working out more than at any other time.

green monster smoothie

lunch on 5-12

Stonyfield blueberry yogurt

veggies and wasabi dip

cheerios, coffee

Trader Joe's four formaggi pizza


-Thursday–I walked on the treadmill while watching HGTV. My ankle bugged me the whole day. Don’t know if it was the humidity and rain, but it hurt. I lifted a few weights too. I wanted to go to yoga with my fav teacher, but with the ankle situation, I figured something less irritating would be better.
-Friday–I biked for 26 minutes while reading Fitness magazine and lifted a few weights. It was a quick workout because I knew we were going out to eat after.

And now onto what my title says-a review of a new restaurant in Greenfield. I realize this only probably interests local readers, but I figured I would post it anyway.

Craig and I went out to a new Mexican restaurant for dinner last night. It’s where the Chammps restaurant used to be in Greenfield. So, the last time I was in the building was in high school.

El Beso Mexican Restaurante and Cantina

El Beso, Greenfield

El Beso, Greenfield

El Beso Greenfield, WI

El Beso, Greenfield

We started with a half pitcher of wildberry margaritas. Yum! (Note to self: don’t wear your hair up without some kind of bangs sweeping over your big forehead).

me with wildberry margarita

And we munched on two rounds of chips and salsa. The salsa was muy delicioso!

Craig had a jalapeno chicken sandwich and enjoyed it.

Craig at El Beso

My huge plate of vegetarian enchiladas with rice and beans. I really liked this meal and should make enchiladas at home more often.

me at El Beso

Also had it as leftovers today.

leftovers of vegetarian enchiladas

Our service was muy bueno and we didn’t have any complaints, except that the restaurant is loud. It’s funny because reviews say this, but it is very loud. The music is noisy, but the place was packed, so maybe it won’t be so loud once the restaurant quiets down a bit with their business.

Craig and Welcome to El Beso sign

I was pretty happy (aka, I drank too much alcohol) from the margarita and hit the couch to sleep once we got home. Tequila gets me drunk fast and makes me tired. It doesn’t help that the margaritas were strong and I don’t drink alcohol that often.

When I woke up, I felt icky with a very sore throat. I figured I was just dehydrated, but the sore throat has continued into today and now I am feeling like I am coming down with a cold. I am currently drinking Trader Joe’s pomegranate green tea with hopes that the green tea makes me feel better stat.

Hope you have a good Saturday night. We’re just lounging around since I haven’t felt like doing much all day.

3 responses to “I’m back and a review of El Beso in Greenfield

  1. I like the decor of that restaurant. We’ve been looking for a new spot to try with friends who live in Greenfield, and they love Mexican food (especially margaritas), so your review is very helpful!

  2. love the colors in that mexican restaurant! so festive!

  3. So sorry to hear that you’re under the weather and that your ankle is still bothering you 😦

    I feel the same way about smoothies, just not what I want to eat in the morning but great post sweaty workout.

    I LOVE enchiladas and those look wonderfully cheesey and delicious! Hope you have a great, restful Sunday! 🙂

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