Addicted to Chobani and Quinoa

I am sure most bloggers do what I do and look at how people searched to ultimately land that searcher on their blog. Someone searched “chobani addiction” today and landed on my site! This search led me to believe that in fact, that searcher may be correct, I have a Chobani addiction. I eat it every day and miss it when I don’t eat it. But, I have been like this about yogurt since I was about five years old. Yogurt really does seem like the one food that helps my Ulcerative Colitis too.

So, I titled my post “addicted to Chobani and Quinoa” because I feel like I have been eating a lot of both lately and never seem to tire of either.

I had a good Monday! It helped to see the sunshine out after a gloomy weekend. I was busier at work than I have been recently, which I like because then the day goes by more quickly.

Had an excellent breakfast of Chobani plain yogurt with fresh blueberries, chia seeds, & raspberry Bonne Maman preserves (miss my Wild Blueberry, but these will do).

Chobani plain with blueberries, preserves, chia seeds, coffee

At work, I snacked on some banana bread before going into a meeting and I am glad I did because the meeting went on longer than I wanted it to.

Lunch was blue corn chips, a ham and cheese sandwich and an apple, carried to work in my new apple cozy thingie. πŸ™‚

black corn chips, banana bread, ham sandwich, apple

I also had some Trader Joe’s dark chocolate for dessert and some almonds in the afternoon.

I went to the gym after meditating and did a full circuit of weights plus biked 11.17 miles over 31 minutes. I wanted to do more and had the energy, but it was getting late and I had to eat dinner. I seriously wish I could spend two hours plus at the gym sometimes, but just need to manage my time and probably could only do that on the weekends.

When I was bored and lived in alone in California, I did go to the gym for two plus hours because I enjoyed my time at the UC Berkeley gym so much and I really needed the exercise high from the low I felt living there every day.

I cooked up quinoa with various veggies and chickpeas for my dinner. Craig also had his version with chickpeas, red peppers and tomatoes. He’s not too keen on my feta cheese, artichokes and kalamata olives.

quinoa with veggies

I didn’t clean a lot over the weekend, so I accomplished something tonight by doing dishes and vacuuming. I hate having a dirty house. I can deal with piles and some things not being organized, but I hate seeing dirt in the form of dishes lying around and dirty surface areas.

That’s all I have for today. Hope you had a good Monday!


5 responses to “Addicted to Chobani and Quinoa

  1. fairyhealthylife

    I love your apple cozy! You eat a lot of the same things I do. Including yogurt, chia seeds, blueberry preserves. I also love artichokes and olives! Great post!

  2. I am so glad your Monday was so much better! I do hate slow work days they do seem to drag along don’t they.

    I was a yogurt addict for a time as well but found I feel a little better eating less. Greek yogurt is what I go with because it is so creamy and delicious.

    My brother got his PhD at UC Berkeley so I was able to use the gym while I was there. The outdoor pool was an awesome perk.

    Your quinoa dinner looks lovely! I hope that you have an equally wonderful Tuesday πŸ™‚

  3. I am so addicted to Chobani. I crave a yogurt bowl every single day these days. Sounds like a good balanced day.

  4. I still can’t get over how cute that apple holder is!

    I just did a post about random searches I get , so funny. I get a bunch for chobani. It’s interesting seeing how many people search for just a brand alone.

  5. I AM sooooooooooooooooo addicted to chobani. LEMON AND VANILLA are my go to flavors!

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