Food Panel Discussion Recap, part 1

I didn’t blog last night, because I went to a panel discussion on food at a library. It was the final program in the series and the last time I attended was with Karis, when we discussed Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

There were four local speakers and they all had different insights into food. I’ll briefly go into each speaker without naming them or what organization they are from (more for work privacy reasons than anything because I passed on the recommendation to look up the woman profiled below to my boss, so then he may find my blog). Here is part 1, so I will cover a different speaker every day.

Speaker #1:

-Female speaker who battled stage IV inflammatory breast cancer and other cancers. Believes in the healing properties of certain foods. Discussed anti-angiogenesis (but I don’t know much about this topic, so click over to wikipedia if you want to learn more).

She started an organic farm and is now educating school children, hospitals, and the public in general. The farm grows food with anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenesis balancing properties.

This speaker talked about inflammation in the body and gave us a list of anti-inflammatory foods, which I will probably post this weekend because the list is lengthy. Some of the foods she recommends include kale, collards, red onions, leeks and scallions. She asked how many of us currently eat these foods and I did ok. I need to get more of the foods on the list into my diet.

I really believe in what she is doing and I relate to the medical side of her story with food because of my ulcerative colitis. Ever since I started eating less processed foods and less meat, I have definitely felt better overall.

I am thinking about volunteering for this organization, even though it’s not close to my house. I am so passionate about food that I believe I need to fuel that passion through working with an organization such as this, even if it’s just by volunteering.

Sorry if this reads kind of choppy, but that’s kind of how I took notes during this program.

The female speaker really got me and others in the audience thinking about our relationships with our doctors. I honestly wanted to go home and throw out all of the meds I take for ulcerative colitis and forget about taking them ever again. I want to treat my condition with good foods and see if that helps me feel better without the medicine.

Leaving the panel last night, I was kind of sad. I wanted to keep discussing food, health, doctors, politics around food, etc.

More posts to come in the following days with what the other speakers covered!


One response to “Food Panel Discussion Recap, part 1

  1. Wish I could have joined you last night! Docs seem so quick to prescribe meds nowadays. I’m at a point where I too want to toss all my meds but that could just be the result of a long frustrating fertility journey. It’s so great you’ve started feeling better overall with the change in diet, and seems like an encouraging step toward the possibility of no meds.

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