One more post

After no posts yesterday, you get two from me today!

So, yesterday seemed to be my lucky day. I came into work to find an Amazon gift card in my e-mail inbox for $10. I filled out a survey related to my work and was rewarded with the gift card. Score! Now I can buy some fitness books, Carrots N’ Cake, and some books for the kindle. In total, I think I have about $85 to spend on Amazon in gift cards now.

Later on in the day, I got an e-mail that implied I won a giveaway from Lucky magazine and could pass discounts for the site onto family and friends. Well, I e-mailed back and asked if I had won and I did. I scored a $150 shopping spree to Lucca Couture from Lucky! I have won other things from their giveaways, but never anything that big! I am already picking out cute dresses and tops, but having a hard time deciding what to buy. The dress I like is currently out of stock too.

I didn’t take pictures of my food yesterday and it was kind of freeing. I sometimes get sick of posting all of my eats, but I do find them helpful to look back on when I do feel ill.

I did take pics of some of my food today. After yesterday’s food discussion, I ate a lot of fruits and veggies at work! It helped that I had both offered to me for free twice today.

Breakfast was Chobani with wild blueberry preserves.

greek yogurt, preserves, coffee

Snack was an apple mid-morning.

Lunch was a salad from my work cafe and then I was able to add some grilled veggies that I got for free from a leftover event.

cobb salad

The salad left me needing something sweet and then I grabbed a whole bunch of delicious fruit from the leftovers too. I couldn’t get enough pineapple!

Dinner was just a quick meal–pb & j. I didn’t feel like eating much.

I didn’t go to the gym tonight because I decided it was a rest day. I hadn’t had an official one all week. Even though I “rested,” it was beautiful out so Craig and I took a quick 15 minute walk outside. No bunnies seen tonight, which worried me because I had spotted a little fox in our neighborhood while I was picking weeds.

My sister-in-law came over tonight and dropped off this cute scratching post toy for the kitties. Karma loved it and took to it right away while Tanzi hated the smell of it

I couldn’t resist taking cute pictures of Karma in it.

Karma scratching toy

Karma new scratching toy

Can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow! This week flew by. 🙂


2 responses to “One more post

  1. Damn girl, you are lucky! Those are two nice surpises to hear about.

    I don’t like posting pics of my meals every single time. Sometimes they arent exciting and other times I just want to write more.

  2. You have to prettiest cat. Gorgeous!

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