Food Panel Discussion Recap, Part 2: Slow Food

Speaker #2 covered Slow Food at the Wednesday night food discussion I attended. He didn’t say as much as the other speakers, but here is what he covered.

Slow Food focuses on:
-the pleasures of the table of food
-savoring every bite
-focus on food
-celebrations historically have always involved food
-break away from convenience
-good, clean, fair food
-accessible to all

Slow Food has been a hot topic lately. The first time I heard about it was when one of my Italian classmates told me about in 2005. I liked the idea at the time, but to be honest, sometimes I despise sitting at a dinner table for hours at a time as they do in Europe. I get way too anxious! I do like some of the ideas the speaker presented though. What do you think about Slow Food?

During the talk, I was reminded how my lunch break often is the opposite of what the Slow Food movement believes in. I tend to read blogs, write part of my post and read a book for about five minutes if I am lucky. I sit at my desk and eat lunch instead of getting away from it, which is not a healthy habit. So, I thought that when I can, I will try to get away from my desk, even if I still do something else while eating during my break. Now that it’s nice out, I will go outside more for lunch as I did today and savor every bite while basking in the glorious sunshine.


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