Taste of Home Cooking School Recap: Brookfield, May 25, 2011

Last night, Karis and I went to the Taste of Home Cooking School/Show at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield. Head over to Karis’s blog for her recap too, but here is mine. Have you ever attended a Taste of Home cooking show in your hometown?


The show had a great attendance and it seemed like many people in the audience had been to one before. There was an expo outside of the show and it was just ok. We didn’t really talk to any vendors, but that’s not my thing either.

We did receive a nice bag of goodies when we checked in.

swag taste of home cooking show

We also got to choose a one year subscription to either Taste of Home or Simple and Delicious. I had seen Taste of Home at the libraries I frequent, so I figured getting Simple and Delicious was the better choice, especially because the title of the magazine sounds more like my kind of cooking!

Overall, the cooking show/school was sort of disappointing because much of the time was spent giving away raffle prizes to the audience and promoting the sponsors. They had some awesome giveaway items though. Karis and I didn’t walk away with anything, but Craig’s Aunt and cousin were there and his Aunt won one of the meals to take home with her. I didn’t know she was in attendance until they said her name and what city she was from!

Our chef for the evening was Guy Klinzing. He offered some good tips on cutting fruit, looking for produce at the grocery store, etc.


Taste of Home Cooking School

We received a Cooking School magazine to follow the recipes Guy was cooking, which included Skinny Crab Quiche, Sweet Onion Burgers, French Onion Soup with Warm Apple-Cheese Sandwiches, Black Bean Stuffed Peppers, Flamin’ Cajun Skillet, Halibut Soft Tacos, Blueberry Upside-Down Cake, and Tropical Crisp.

Skinny Crab Quiche

The recipes I would like to try from that selection are the French Onion Soup and Warm Apple-Cheese sandwiches, Black Bean Stuffed Peppers, and Tropical Crisp.

Warm Apple-Cheese Sandwiches

French Onion Soup

If they have a show next year, my mom really wants to go with me, so I would attend again. I wish they had one that was all vegetarian recipes! I’ll just check out the Taste of Home website for some of those in the meantime!


3 responses to “Taste of Home Cooking School Recap: Brookfield, May 25, 2011

  1. Thank you for a recap of the event! We’ll be sure to share it with our fans on Facebook. Thank you for your candor and feedback for future Taste of Home events.

    You should attend our 100th anniversary celebration later in the year!

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