Take Steps, Be Heard walk recap

Happy Monday everyone!

Yesterday afternoon, I met my friend Danielle and her daughter for the Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis walk at Miller Park in Milwaukee. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the Menomonee Valley!


We were fed hot dogs, pita chips with sea salt and gatorade.

Danielle’s daughter was hamming it up for the camera. She was fun to be around, but is sure independent and feisty! She’s nearing 2, so Danielle said that the closer she gets to it, the more sassy she becomes.




We walked about 3 miles, or so I think. It took us 45 minutes, so that sounds about right. We walked at a fast pace, even though Danielle is pregnant and had to push the stroller.




The walk had a pretty good turnout, which is great because researchers need to find a cure for digestive diseases! It was fun seeing all of the t-shirts like “semi-colon” and “we’ve got guts.” I really feel at home around others who have Crohn’s or Colitis and around the doctors that care for us. It’s nice to be able to relate since I don’t know that many other people with Ulcerative Colitis.

I enjoyed spending time with Danielle and her daughter. When they drove away and left me at the Target parking lot, her daughter was saying “Lisa bye bye.” Danielle called right away to tell me that and it made me happy because she is a fun kid to be around. Danielle said she doesn’t like everyone and she really warms up to me well. Aaww.


I slacked off today and didn’t take pictures of my food. It’s just getting kind of boring since my meals aren’t all that exciting lately!

But, I did come home to find something exciting in our hanging basket. Some of the strawberries were red and ready for picking!


strawberries hanging basket

Craig picked them for us and they tasted yummy. They are awfully small, so I am hoping they get a bit bigger as the plant grows.

The rest of our garden is thriving too. The plants have grown so much in only a week and our beans poked through over the weekend!


Did I show you what we did with our old toilet tank? We were silly and recycled it as a flower pot. It works, so why not recycle it instead of the tank ending up in a landfill. At least it’s not a toilet bowl in our front yard like I have seen up north!


Oh and Body Pump was fantastic yesterday, except that I cannot walk properly today! It killed my triceps, quads, thighs and butt. I luckily was able to borrow a co-worker’s foam roller today at work and it was marvelous. By the third time rolling, the front of my legs really hurt, but it felt so good on the back of my legs. That was my first time using a foam roller and I can see why bloggers are obsessed with them!

Now it’s time to meditate, grind some fresh coffee, and read The Help before bed. I need to finish it by Wednesday and I am only 70 pages away from the end. It’s a great story and I can’t wait to find out the ending.

Good night!


One response to “Take Steps, Be Heard walk recap

  1. Those strawberries look great! Makes me want to buy a strawberry plant 🙂

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