Downtown Dining at Kil@wat in Milwaukee

Last night, my friends and I met for dinner at Kil@wat in Downtown Milwaukee. We enjoyed a great menu of appetizers, an entree, and a dessert for only $20 because it is Downtown Dining Week.

pics 6-9-11 001

us at Kil@wat 6-8-11

I started with queso de chiva, which is grilled ciabatta bread and herbed tomato sauce with goat cheese. Very yummy! We also got some rolls brought to our tables, so I grabbed a pretzel roll because they’re my fav.

Kil@wat appetizer

My entree was the Rosemary Polenta Cake with warm mushroom and fig salad, arugula, and aged balsamic syrup. Holy delicious!

I wasn’t sure if I had had polenta prior to last night’s dinner, but I loved it. I think having figs in a salad was new for me as well, which was also excellent. I need to incorporate figs into my home made salads!

Kil@wat entree rosemary polenta cake and salad

And for the best part, dessert! We all chose the same thing because we’re a bunch of chocolate loving girls! Chocolate chip cookies with ice cream and warm chocolate syrup to drizzle on top.

Kil@wat dessert downtown dining

We all really enjoyed our meals, the service was excellent and the atmosphere was modern and sleek. I would definitely recommend Kil@wait to local readers and to anyone visiting Milwaukee.

As I drove home from downtown, it was clear that a bad storm was heading our way because lightning was constantly striking and you could just feel it in the air.

At about 9:30, the winds picked up and I guess they got up to about 60 miles per hour in the Milwaukee area. I was concerned about our garden, so I was looking out the back window at the strawberry plant when I saw our only tree in our back yard practically fold in half. Well, a huge branch did fall and break off our ash tree. This really bummed Craig and I out last night and sort of depressed me when I woke up to see it again this morning. 😦

pics 6-9-11 008

But, I am also reminded that we are lucky in comparison to those in Missouri, Massachusetts, and Alabama who all got hit by such devastating tornadoes this year.

So relieved that tomorrow is Friday! Looking forward to the weekend and a three day work week next week.


4 responses to “Downtown Dining at Kil@wat in Milwaukee

  1. That restaurant looks amazing. I keep looking at the pictures and have decided that I want one of everything! I love their phrase illuminating cuisine as well.

    Wow, that tree damage is horrible. You must have gotten the storm we had the other night. I was driving back from Indiana and was already on the road for 10 hrs and a storm like I’ve never seen hit when I was 20 miles from home. I heard there was winds over 60 mph and hail the size of quarters. I was on a bridge and couldnt even see in front of me and was afraid I was going to be blown over. I am still shook up thinking about it and havent even blogged about it since it disturbs me. Sorry for the long comment, just needed to vent I guess.

  2. Oh my goodness I would definitely pay $20 for that meal! All restaurants should do deals like that to bring in customers. mm mm!

    So sorry about the tree! I would be bummed too but you’re right to keep it in perspective.

  3. That meal looks so so so good!!! The lump of goat cheese in the middle of the tomato sauce would have just been eaten with a spoon in one mouthful. 🙂 And hot chocolate sauce to drizzle over the cookies and ice cream? Heaven!

    Sorry about the tree! But yes, you are very lucky that it wasn’t worse. The storms have been crazy this year! NC just had the biggest tornado system ever on April 15th and it tore through a neighboring street to our house. We were so thankful, but it’s still sad to see the damage that was done to so many homes.

  4. We’re very glad you enjoyed your meal at Kil@wat! Hope you’ll dine with us again soon!

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